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Binding a Silverized/NFE E011 to a QX7 using an IRX4+ [Solved]


ah…another difference between us…i dont have that module, i have this one

i have it bound and can unplug and replug battery and have it bind auto as well


As I stated before - except for the rotary switch, the modules are identical. Did you update to OpenTX 2.2.1?


yes and no…i was until LUA would not work for kalman script and then went back to 2.2.0


:exploding_head:! Well beyond my pay grade! LOL
So - what’s this and how can I spend more time configuring and less time flying? LOL!


my irange doesnt have Protocol = BANGYANG with Telemetry


Firmware update - I think that was in OpenTX2.2.1.
It wouldn’t work unless I did the update 1st



Did you do anything in the telemetry slot?


My menu looks different but, in my case Telemetry # = telemetry power 0-7

Under Telemetry menu = Discover sensors will give you A1 A2 and RSSI data (E011)

Then you have to setup your display to show you telemetry


in that pic…0 is adjustable from -128 to 127… so have no clue what that does


Sorry - that’s all the knowledge I have ATM. I don’t know anything about the T9


its all good buddy…just putting stuff out there for others as well to maybe chime in and shed some light…not asking ya to solve all world problems…lol…your info was a tremendous help…thank you…

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