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Binding a Silverized/NFE E011 to a QX7 using an IRX4+ [Solved]


Do me a favor and send me a third file setup how you wanted it with your preferred setup … the one that doesn’t work.


I would like a nice hot setup for my 615s
I’d like it to have all the features available on the 5 AUXs I have available
I’d like a pwm of 8k.

As far as I can gather, it’s working as long as I use the Stock TX protocol just not everything and the rates feel super sluggish.
Doesn’t work with either Mulit or Devo Protocols

I’ll send you the pid.c and config.h that I modified.


I’m following this with much interest, as I’m planning to get one of those modules for my x9d. So everything you’ve puzzled out will help me quite a bit!
Thanks for plowing through it all, I wasn’t looking forward to doing so.


The use stock tx feature is nothing more than a hack that allows the trim buttons on a toy transmitter to be used as aux channel switches. It is not a viable solution and I have no idea how it will react with a real transmitter.

As far as whats going on with the code when you select multi or devo … it just re -orders the channel mapping in an attempt to line up the label chan_5 with your actual channel 5 on your tx ( and so on up through the numbers). It doesnt do anything functional to the way aux channels work … just changes their order around. As for the stick gestures channel, when you select devo or multi … I’m just not using it. It will still blink but its not connected to anything since we have so many switched already available.

So as for whats happening… your files was messed up somehow with a target mismatch. As soon as I opened it it started pulling up my pack installer and giving me all sorts of errors. Maybe that could be the problem. Otherwise … its just a simple issue of figuring out which channel mapping your module has and making sure the “throws” on those aux channels are reaching far enough to trigger the switches in software.

I’m gonna send you a clean file with all the tuning parameters set for the craft you want to fly. The only variable to address will be devo vs multi. I’m also gonna compile 3 hex files you can test flash. One Devo mapped, One multi mapped, and one that has idle up disabled completely. If that third one doesnt leave the ground we have bigger issues but I suspect it will. Assuming the first two hex files dont work and the third one does (because it doesnt require arming) - I will be very curious to see if any of your switches do anything to change the flight modes. If they dont - you have an issue in your tx that you need to address like increasing the endpoints for your aux channels or something.


Amazing! Thanks @NotFastEnuf! Totally appreciate the help - my poor fc is starting to show scars from pulled off soldered pins - hahaha


Yep - that’s what was happening to me from the get go


Files are loading up into Gmail now. I didn’t set up low rates on a switch or control over turning the Leds off. Force of habit. But let’s just see what we can get working and what we can’t. 4 files will be sent. Two mapped for the devo channel ordering on the aux channels, and two mapped in the origional multi order for the aux channels. One file of each mapping will will have arming on a switch and one will not. Let me know what works. Email just sent.
Once something leaves the ground … pay close attention to what type of flight modes your switches put you in and report.

And I test flashed all 4 of these files @chime13 … I can make all 4 of them fly with my devo.


Can’t get anything to work this morning. Can’t connect to target. Stlink seems ok - I can firmware update it. Used a second FC to see if I toasted the last one - nope, same issue with new FC.
I checked pins made sure the pads are reversed on the FC, used the headed but to no avail…rats


Are you doing the connect/disconnect procedure with stlink utility first? That is required to clear some sort of error. Keep at it till you get a good connect and disconnect with stlink utility. … then proceed.


yep - I did it a dozen times last night - today nada.


Restart your system. Sometimes that helps


done several times


Walk away… go fly something fun. Remind yourself why you put up with all this. Lol. Eventually you’ll come back to it and something will work. This procedure is very step specific sensitive. You gotta find tge exact procedure your system likes and stick to it. For me it’s connect stlink to board, then stlink to usb, then battery to board…
If i do a step out of order - it locks up and has to all be disconnected and reset.

It feels like voodoo at first … but once you get in a routine … you don’t have problems anymore


might have a bad stlink - though I’m not sure what happened. AFAIK there were no oops moments. I done everything you suggested but nothing.
I’d like to fly today but I’m in geek hell and can’t let this go


Ok - got it going somehow. Loaded MultiNoArming.hex and it works - seems I got some filter thing or resonance going on because it’s twitchy and wants to shoot into the ceiling. But we’re making baby steps forward.
I can’t really tell if the switches are doing anything at all


I’ll look at the setup again … maybe I missed something. I was pretty sure I set all the filters and such correctly for your build type. Maybe try an arming type next though and see if you cam find a channel that arms it


No prob - at least we’re still moving forward - Thanks NFE


Does it have a camera on it it yet @chime13 ? Also are you still testing in the whoop frame??? The tune loaded is boss 6/boss 7. A whoop would fly away on those flashes


No whoops ever here. 0615 Boss v1. w 46mm props.

That said - I loaded DevoNoArm.hex and it’s flying very nicely. I still can’t tell if the switches are doing anything but wow, talk about it being locked-in.

BTW - yet to add a camera. Will do soon


That’s so strange… the exact same file compiled 4 times only turning off arming and changing devo to multi. Wtf is going on… why is one hex with the same tune oscillating and one flying well. I’m gonna flash both those too hex files and see what happens to mine. Channel 6 is gonna be the first switch you need to find. That’s acro vs all leveled modes. Keep me posted on which one that is.

If this is some sort of transmitter issue like endpoints adjustments … you won’t be able to find a switch to toggle between acro and leveling. When you check for leveling, check the roll axis.