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Binding a Silverized/NFE E011 to a QX7 using an IRX4+ [Solved]


You’ve got an old file … my latest release doesn’t have acro only as a project anymore.
Download here


Downloaded and opens with Device not found errors, but lets me continue.

UPDATE: fixed all device issues. Project loads without errors. I’m going to update both config.h and pids.c to my prefs. Any other file to update?
After all is done - what’s next?


That’s it. Build target and flash it!
The build target in keil is what compiles your hex file from the code. The download target is tge flashing process. Remind me what build we are flashing for again? And what props? I may be able to point you to the best pids/filter settings.

I decided to take a quick spin in the boss 7 while you’re working on this. … I’ve been ignoring it lately since the rubber band to hold my battery broke. Lol. So I just taped a battery to it and man… I’ve missed that little sucker. So fun and so fast! I think we use the same props, and if you’re doing a boss 6, I highly recommend that pid set for using torque boost on the boss 7. You just gotta change the filters to match suggestions too, and turn on torque boost.


E011 and 46mm props - maybe the cg props. Right now I’m just stoked to try racemode - I guess it gets assigned to a channel…?

Gonna compile and Flash
Stay tuned (shit, no pun intended)

Hey man, thanks again for all you do for us!


No sweat dude. Yeah for 46mm props on 7mm, definitely use the pid set that’s reccomend for torque boost. Change all the filters to match suggestions and uncomment torque boost to turn it on. It has a little prop wash but throttle response is the best on that setup


Also, default channels:
Ch 5 idle up/arm
Ch 6 activates leveling modes.
If ch 6 is on… then …
Ch 7 on and ch 8 off is racemode angle
Ch 7 off and ch 8 on is horizon
Ch 7 on and ch 8 on makes racemode horizon
Ch 7 off and ch 8 off is angle mode

If ch 6 is off … acro


Well - Compiled and Flashed with mucho success.
Unfortunately, the motors no longer spin. Gestures are working but I have no clue how to assign channels yet - which might be the issue (not arming)
I have all 4 switches going to channels 5 - 9 but not doing anything…
I also have RSSI working like a champ (first time ever to have RSSI!)


Yeah. Probably just a channel mismatch. Some of the new multimodule are not following the old multimodule mapping. Just keep assigning channels to switches till you find it. Lol someone mentioned that on my silverware fork thread. I’ll go dig up the post


Maybe try the use devo radio selection instead and build& flash again


Ok, been at it for a while. Can’t get your file to work but if I load e011_default_new.hex, it works fine. I gotta find what the difference is and why I can’t get bwhoop.hex to work.


How exactly are you flashing? With stlink utility or with keil?


I compile in Keil then I open Stlink utility and flash from there.
I’m comparing (roughly) the hardware.h pid.c and defines.h to see what could cause your’s not to work with my combo.
I did reflash the e011 and it worked again. reflashed modified bwhoop and no go


When you say “no go” what exactly is the issue? Describe no go. Also why not flash in keil? I’m wondering if this is that gcc compatability issue with Mac. Maybe I should compile a hex for you but I’d like to see what flashing in keil does. Also what happens if you compile stock e011 silverware with your keil program instead of using the prebuilt hex? Same no go? That could indicate an issue with your gcc causing the problem.


Sorry - by no go I meant - quad powers up and binds but no motor output.
I seem to have an error in Keil so it’s no biggy to make the extra step. It’s been working rock-solid as far as flashing.
I just modified some parameters in the original e011 and compiled/flashed it with no errors - getting ready to fly it
just bugs me that the switches ain’t doin nuthin


I’m using only Windows apps in a Virtual Box under my MacOs. It’s working amazingly well.
I’m not messing around with gcc or homebrew or any of the command-line OSX stuff.


What error were you getting in keil? That may be the critical issue causing you not to get arming working. Do you still have my email? Compress your edited silverware folder and email it to me as a zip file. (If that’s possible on a mac - alien to me). I’d like to take a look at exactly what you’re flashing and flash it to one of mine for reference.


Even though I downloaded it and applied it manually - it keeps asking for it. Again, the fact that I just recompiled the acro_only project, because I changed some rates and successfully flashed it with Stlink utility makes me think that I have a good config.


Tricky. Anyway, would still be worth emailing me your whole file with the changes you made. Let me look it over and try to flash it myself. If it also doesn’t work for me, we might be on to something. I could at least see the changes you need and compile you a hex that I verify is working. I’d sure like to get to the bottom of what’s causing the issues.


Also try disabling idle up arming feature. Comment out that line as instructed in the notes. See if it responds to throttle then. If it does, that would indicate that the firmware is fine and it’s simply an issue of not receiving the signal from your radio to arm.


I finally got it to work by using “Stock TX” LEDs stopped working though and rates are super lethargic . Will not arm unless I have the idle_up sw on Ch10.
Gestures do something as lights do flash.

I sent you 2 emails with projects that work with my rig