Micro Motor Community

Big Thanks "my friends"


Big shout out to everybody here at Micro motor community ! Thank you !

I found this site an invaluable resource for a micro quad enthusiast, from the simple to the complex problems and questions. Much better than other major RC forums.

Everybody is super helpful, and friendly, I have not come across any negativity or belittling.

I have learned a lot from MMC and can’t wait to learn more ( I have so munch bookmarked to read later) . . . and give some back.


This place is truly learning/bonding center between quad enthusiasts… I can’t wait to give back to the community as well. I love how whenever I’m looking for something fun to do I can always go to the micro motor community for some action! So much to read, so much to do!

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The MMW Community is one of most accepting forums I’ve ever been part of. The knowledge provided is phenomenal and the camaraderie unparalleled. With the many backgrounds from the members it is easy to end up learning something completely unrelated.

Cut above the rest MMW is! :+1:


My teeth have gotten whiter, and I think my hair’s growing back, too!

On top of that, I’ve almost-kinda-maybe gotten a handle on a few aspects of this super fun hobby! Many problems solved with the help of others here, never a “jeez, that was dumb”, other than from myself, and the net result has been an explosive growth of my knowledge and enjoyment in a number of new realms for me.

Kudos, @JTR, I heartily agree with your kind thoughts!


I agree, this place is amazing!