BHR Power Issue


So, took the HawkR to work for lunch flight.

Arm, take off, flew about 100 feet or so, video drops and I crash land. Get to the quad, no power.

Get back to the car, unplug, check the battery (full), plug it back in, nothing happens. Try different full battery, nothing. after about 30 seconds or so I try again, everything powers up. Try to fly, get 50 feet, the same thing happens, the same reaction to batteries. Did a punchout, got off the ground, power drops.

Do an inspection, find one of the motor wires has a crack, wrap with electrical tape. inspect everything I can, everything seems solid. Powered up without props, fires up fine, motors spin, give it throttle, dies. Same reaction as before. Wait a bit, power up, let the motors run at 0 throttle (airmode on) for about 45 seconds, then slowly add throttle and when it got to or near half throttle, power drops, no sounds, smells, etc



Check your connector and soldering on the power wire. Maybe it cant handle the amps.
Are you running the FC power from battery or through a bec?


Turned out to be the connected between the ESC board and FC. That little barstard is only glued on it seems. The stack was loose so it could move up and down. Firgured it out when I was pushing in the USB cable.