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BF OSD Voltage/Current Problem


Hi Community!

I have some Problems with my OSD regarding the Current sensor and/or Voltage sensor. My Setup first: BetaFPV V 1.1 FC, BetaFPV H02 AIO Cam, MMW 17k Motors (6mm).
4 mylipo 205mAh 1S, 8 BetaFPV HV 260mAh. Charging with SkyRC D100

First, I set up the Power & Battery Tab for the 205 LiPos. Max Voltage 4,2/Min Voltage 3,6/Warning at 3,2 or so. Capacity 205.
When flying, the 205ers where displayed correctly but with the 260HVs I got a Land Now warning all the Time, though the Voltage was displayed correctly.

So I set up the P&V Tab for the HV LiPos. Max Voltage 4,35/Min Voltage 3,6/Warning at 3,2/Capacity 260.
Now I still had the Land Now Warning all the time with the HVs and the 205ers where suddenly displayed totally wrong. A full 205 Cell (4,2V) was displayed as 3,6 in the OSD.

So I found Joshua Bardwells Video how to adjust the Current Sensor on YT and things got really weird.
I flew about 1000mAh out of every Pack, the I recharged them paralelly on the D-100 and after fully charging it showed that it had charged about 300mAh in Total. I tried a single 1S and it charged 70 mAh.

Yes, I definitely used the correct Program. LiHV Charge or LiPo Charge.
The Packs are as good as new. Flew only about 10 times.

So what could be the problem here? I already think about just setting the P&B Tab to the 205 Packs and live with the LandNow Warning because at least the Voltage was displayed correctly.


Ok, so I finally found out that the FC doesnt have a current sensor…great.


yea… was about to buy that board but saw no current sensor! I wanted osd just for that! I know that you can get cameras with built in current sensors, however… those might be worth a shot!


Quick solution, turn off osd, set tx timer and just fly! Whoops don’t need osd.