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BetaFPV Z01 Camera fuzz


Wowwww I just finished soldering my camera to battery leads and it became way worse…


Yes actually, It does go back to normal… huh wierd.


I don’t know whats wrong then, as your describing the exact same symptoms as mine, but soldering the cam made it worse? maybe a smd component fell off somewhere…


I’m also completely cluless of what happened, I’ll go out and buy a z02 or a h01 then. Capacitor might work, I don’t think it will though…


I use tweezers when that happens and I solder it back on (you can dissemble the aio and connect it with wires, called mullet modding). The only thing I can think of is to bridge the pads, but that make break it. Other than that there are no other options I can think of…


I just bought a z02, I found a 470uF capacitor and it didn’t help.


Soldered to the Voltage in from battery? You want that right where the battery wires are soldered to the pads. If that’s how you did it and you still have an issue I can’t think of anything else it could be except the camera.
The video I watched above seemed normal BTW but the other images I saw of the wavy lines and whatnot is not and could be the sensor was damaged. Static lines will be normal to an extent. I think all of my FPV do that. WiFi, metal buildings, HID lighting transformers and fluorescent ballasts can also cause that kind of interference. Watch a little of this video, it’s actually clearer than what I typically get when flying at this location but this is normal for FPV feed here and it can sometimes look worse through the goggles.


My video was good because I was using a external antenna that was pretty up high. not the tiny one in the the hubsan “DVR” , And I did solder the cam ± leads to the pad that you connect battery to. When I used my goggles the static was crazy 5ft away and already white and yellow all over the screen. I tried going outside and it didn’t get better. Sad I have to retire my trusty Z01, I won multiple races with it.


Just noticed, When I sit on my chair worse video than when I sit on ground, Shouldn’t it be the opposite?


That is weird. I’ve never heard anything about signal being effected by what I would assume would be being grounded or not. So you have other builds that are FPV? If so are they clear? Hopefully your new cam will bring you many new wins at the races and nice clear reception.


Yeah I have a couple eo10 builds and a 75mm build, I’ve also got my old naze32 250. On all of them the video feed is completely clear.


Well, sounds like the end of the road for the Z01 :confused: I think we covered all the bases here beyond replacing components on the camera and at the price they sell the AIO at these days that would be more hassle than it would probably be worth. I guess possibly the sensor in the cam was damaged or possibly the coil in the on board filter is bad.


Yeah… I guess it’s done, Lasted only 1yr but now it’s time to retire it. Thank you all for trying to help. but today’s the last day with my z01. And a special thanks to madman for replying so fast and good possible fixes.


If I bridged the small resistor pads, is it going to smoke up?


It’s a gamble without knowing why the resistor is there. If you have some junk stuff you’d be better off guessing at what it wash. If this is a TX 02 post as clear of a picture as you can of the area the resistor is missing. Usually resistors are for limiting current and dropping voltage. Just bridging it may not release the magic smoke but your taking a chance that even if there is no smoke something may get damaged. I have a Tx 02 here so I’ll have a look. If you have any broken stuff it is likely you can find one to harvest although most of those AIO have 0402 size components where as FC usually have 0603 either can work if they can fit the pads.


It’s an Eachine Ef-02, a spare part for e010s. I’ll try to resolder the resistor before risking my aio by bridging the pads.


I hope you have luck, I never suceeded at such small soldering job.


My z02 cam just arrived, Turns out it uses a different pins system than the one that my old cam used, You have to solder your own tiny pins to the OSD and power ports so the camera can connect, and it’s very hard. You can also use wires, But it’s hevier and looses OSD, But it’s very easy. Which one should I choose? And if you guys think I should use pins, What way should I solder them on?

Pic of pins: