BETAFPV New Camera H02 What's New?

Anybody know what the difference is with the new BETAFPV Camera:


Specs look the same to me?

Good question, all the specs are the same. Is it that the antenna is removable?

Osd connectors I guess

OSD is on both.
It comes with a canopy. Maybe that’s it?

Not on h01 the upgrade is the osd ready wires

Oh, that makes sense. good pickup.
Minor tweak but very handy update.

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May just be me, but it looks like the antenna is replaceable without soldering too

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Nice… I didn’t see that at 1st.

Oh cool. it looks like the antenna connectors on the spektrum receiver i have which snap on/off.
that’s a significant improvement. lousy marketing!

The H01 is the VM275T, which has no video-in/out wires. Its possible to hack it, but not that easy without unnecessary destruction.

The H02 used to be the VM2751, which is almost identical to the VM275T, but it has that video-in/out and a few components shuffled around, so the dimensions arent 100% identical.

About a month or two ago, the H02 is now some other cam (I hate when vendors do that), but big parts of the description (incl. pictures of the previous version) are still the same.
The most significant changes are: the antenna connection is now a connector, there is no button any more on the cam PCB (no more image flipping and NTSC/PAL switching, although the description still says that) and the connection are on a less convenient place.

If have both "H02"s. They both work OK. Image and signal quality are similar/identical as far as I can see. But I keep buying the VM2751 until that goes out of production. Easier to use, more features.