BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 (Bayang/D8/D16/LBT)

Interesting new radio from BetaFPV. Choice of TX protocols including Bayang, powered by OpenTX (!!!), usb and trainer support, proper switches…

One thing that isn’t clear from the manual is how you pick models (since everything configuration-wise is done via OpenTX companion on a computer) but since it runs OpenTX it seems like it should be able to have multiple models… I mean I guess you could setup all your models the same way (most of us do anyway for the same protocol).

There’s also a mention of the word “beta” on product page so this might be just a small test batch.

This + That newly updated 65S Lite + some $30 goggles seem like a great way to enter the hobby.


That’s pretty cool, and will be a great option for folks just getting into the hobby.

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I’m pleasantly surprised they managed to throw in metal sticks and switches and trainer and OpenTX and still keep it cheaper than the NewBeeDrone BeeMote. Definitely ordering one “for the kid” :innocent:

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Very interesting… But lack of display is a bit problem… So no telemetry etc. (at least no visual representation of data)… :frowning:

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There’s an app for that :wink:

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Good point :grin: