Betafpv Lite FC now out of stock

I was looking at betafpv products and found out that their Brushed Lite FC is now OUT OF STOCK

Does betaFPV retock its porducts or no?

I heard betafpv is releasing updated products now; so unsure if it was discontinued. Amazon if you’re in the US has them available.

In their shop at aliexpress there are still 114 boards available:

Alternative is beecore lite (same price as on aliexpress) or makerfire lite (a bit more expensive).
Or H67, B03 (pro or standard - if can be found anywhere :frowning: )…

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Hello, sorry to echo other reply but, Amazon has the BetaFPV Lite Silverware board for $12.99. I’ve purchased 3 a few weeks ago and built whoops to gift to some friends. Pretty robust board for the price but, you’ll need a module for your radio or a controller that can run Bayang protocol. I hope this is helpful.

Its all right. Thanks for the information. Thing is I have to pay a additional 8$ for shipping fees. On betafpv website, they gave a free shipping coupon to celebrate the new year 2020. So that’s the problem. Thanks though

Are you talking about this?

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Oh wow, nice stealth update. Even has a VTX and OSD for just $7 more than the old one. Gotta try that!

(don’t forget the free shipping coupon if ordering!)

Interesting… But too expensive… I’ll stick to standard v1.1 lite board if it is available any more any where.

same 22 CAD not worth it when you can get old lite FC

I’d say the price is quite fair considering you don’t need to add a vTX. Looking forward to it being in stock on Amazon.

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It is OK if you don’t have lot of AIOs - and I have… so, for me it is better to get old version.

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wdym by not needing to add a vtx? I’m a newbie lol. BTW you said you would send a flight footage of your recent build with the coloured black frame. Could you upload it? Thanks!

I’m sure now the only place where the old lite FC will be sold is on ali express. I think ebay might sell them, though I dont know if they do sell them.

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Yes - still 110 of them are available in betafpv store at aliexpress… I think I’ll get few more…

Since the new FC has an integrated video transmitter, you only need to add a camera for FPV flight. An all in one camera with vTX is no longer needed.

I’ll try to get some footage posted for you later today.

Did they add another chip to do the OSD?

can you please post the link for the free shipping I want to order some stuff and if I could save some money I make a bigger order.
thanks in advance for all your help. keep flying and having fun…

I’m pretty sure the free shipping code was “2020” but it may have expired.

I will try anyway, thanks for your help mate

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Here’s some DVR footage of my first flight with it in angle mode in high rates.

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