Betafpv Lite 2S Brushless FC, has anyone been successful?

I just built my 75mm 2S whoop with this FC, and true to form, it is quite susceptible to flyaways, and after a minute and 40 of flying, the motors were super hot.

Betafpv Lite 2S brushless Frsky
Mobula7 V2 frame
Betafpv 08028 12000kv motors
Gemfan 40mm 3 blade props
Caddx Ant with Mobula6HD canopy
TBS Nano VTX (old 50mw one)

Is this an issue with PIDs? Or filtering? I have no issue with recompiling from source to add filtering, but i feel like i would be taking stabs in the dark here. The filtering options in the stock FW
//Select Gyro Filter Type *** Select Only One type
//#define PT1_GYRO

//Select Gyro Filter Cut Frequency

//Select D Term Filter Cut Frequency *** Select Only one
#define  DTERM_LPF_2ND_HZ 100
//#define DTERM_LPF_1ST_HZ 70

//Select Motor Filter Type  (I am no longer using this)

And in Pid.c
//75mm Brushless 2s 0802 Whoop - Seems to need heavy filtering in early tests - PID_VBat Compensation must be disabled (it seems overly responsive to sag and is feeding back)
float pidkp[PIDNUMBER] = {11.2e-2 , 12.6e-2 , 1.8e-1 };
float pidki[PIDNUMBER] = { 14e-1 , 15e-1 , 15e-1 };
float pidkd[PIDNUMBER] = { 5.6e-1 , 6.7e-1 , 0.5e-1 };

I feel like Motor_filter2_alpha might be useful? And i also see MOTOR_KAL as another option in Control.c (no references anywhere else).

Would appreciate some feedback, i would like to get this into my regular flying arsenal - when it was flying in my room it seemed to be quite controllable, no noticeable oscilations etc… just those motors are a worry… and the flyaways that seem to happen randomly

I wouldn’t advise using motor filtering as it will kill the response of motors when you need it most; doing manoeuvres. I would use the suggested PIDs as a starting point but be open to retuning.

The amount of times I’ll tune a quad inside and then take it outside for it fly to them moon on a small throttle pump…

If you want to keep those PIDs I would suggest turning off torque_boost if it’s on and taking the D filtering to 50hz. Check the if it flies away, then go to 60hz, check, 70hz, check etc. If it continues, lower Kal filtering to 80hz, set D filtering to 100hz and try again. The easiest way you can hear/see any noise if tuning inside is to turn on air mode/idle up, hover, do a small punch and chop the throttle quickly. If it slowly descends, filter. However, it can descend at normal speed but you can still have noise, so you have to listen; if you chop the throttle and the motors don’t ramp down immediately and sound like they did in steady hover then you’ll still need filtering.

Mine arrived out of box failure one of ESC without visible damages. I was wandering to try that board but no success jet- probably will solder new MOSFET. I use Devo but Multiprotocol is default for this board. Can I just uncomment #define f042_2s_bl an and #define USE_DEVO and that’s all to change in project before compilation? Looking forward to your advice.

Well the first thing to do is send a video to betafpv support. My first one arrived with a dead ESC too. One email to support and they agreed to send me out a new one.
Next, you select t8sg = y in the OSD menu (configuration) so you don’t need to recompile the firmware… Unless you have the same issue I have.

Actually I just tried to fly it outside and despite the fc showing a green light for the bind, I get no response to sticks or switches. Might need to flash it or at least try to debug it.

Thanks heaps for the detailed response. I posted on Facebook and someone just suggested those motors are not suitable for 2s, and to try 1103s. Since I already had some diatone mamba 12000kv 1103s on a 75mm frame I switched it across and sure enough no more hot motors (only a bit warm after 1:30, which was also the end of my 2s 300mah pack). Those 1103s really aren’t suited to whoops.

I also tried a CrazybeeX in that frame with the 08028s and it flew fine, no warm motors (actually flew so nicely I think I will keep that configuration)

Where does that leave me? Well I am putting the lite 2s brushless FC and 1103s on a 2.5" frame for my first ever open prop build.
I have zero reliance on the stock pids. And actually I can change those from the OSD, so if changing those might help I will happily that (if I’m not mistaken, lowering D on all terms?)

But first I need to get my transmitter being recognised by the fc!

Thanks for detailed explanation regarding Devo.
Cannot deal with Beta- somehow I bought betaFpv from aliexpress store and tested board after month. Cannot open dispute as time was over.