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Betafpv lite 1.0 dedicated Silverware


9,99$ really cheap ? Might add few more buck for a full eachine e011 euh? Hmhm


I’ve just seen it! Looks like an E011 FC with a different form factor, and pre-flashed with Silverware. I wonder what version of the firmware is on there. The E011 FC is 7.99 if bought separate. They also have an entire set now:


I know @NotFastEnuf will want to see this.

Got excited when I saw the taranis, but looks to still be bayang protocol.


Silverware has code to accept sbus … we just need the right cloner/mfgr


…with your experimental “RACEMODE” would be the perfect FC :slight_smile:


I’ll take the blue frame for sure…I’m guessing this FC is heavier than an E011? I wish it had USB and I’d even design the GUI for Silverware if needed for a configurator. :slight_smile:


It’s gonna be needed for sure in the near future. Actually work is being done for a Bluetooth module to connect to an android app for config. This is such an exciting project to be part of!
Also the fc is .3 grams lighter than an e011.

I think all in all its a great value to have camera, canopy, 7mm motors, and silverware. Is it a few bucks more than doing it yourself to an e011 or bwhoop … yes but not everyone has time for that. Anybody care for a “NFE SIGNATURE SERIES” LOL.


Well, I have extensive background in iOS and Android UX/UI while I worked at Slacker Radio…so, if any help is needed, or they want to have me do a review of the work, let me know.


@PJC come join the discussion on the RCGroups thread, I’m sure your input will be most welcome.


You’re hired!

Not that I have anything to do with the project, other than flying it and testing nfe’s stuff from time to time.


@Bobnova the invitation extends to you too if you ain’t already there.


@Chaotix need to post link to RCG thread…


Thanks! I’ve checked it a couple times, but haven’t been keeping up on it.


link me up, please!


There are 3 main silverware threads on rcg. Disregard the specific names of the thread … they have sort of evolved. I’ll explain…

The first is the most active. It is where new people should go for help or someplace to throw things out into a very active discussion space

The second is less active, and serves well for development or discussion of advanced ideas that get drawn out and may overwhelm average users.

The third is the thread focused on the new brushless diy board. (It’s description is accurate)


I meant to post links earlier but I see @NotFastEnuf has it covered, the first thread is the one that started it all.
There is a good wiki run by @SirDomsen here.


On the topic of this board … I have a few curiosities:

  1. Did they address the pull up resistor issue in hardware

  2. Will this board have the same stlink error which requires the stlink utility connect/disconnect procedure before you can flash in keil like the bwhoop/e011

  1. Which pull up resistor issue?

  2. Yes


@SirDomsen - the i2c pull-ups to the gyro…
And bummer on st link error but oh well


Never looked after it , but I believe the Bwhoop has it, so,good chance to get it with this board also :slight_smile: