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BetaFPV F3 FC will not Arm in BetaFlight


Thanks for that @cobra93 and @LvV


I agree with @pedro147, thank you @LvV and @cobra93 for that information.

I haven’t been able to fly for almost one and a half years due to an injury and now that I have my first FPV Whoop airborne, I’m realizing how much my piloting skills have deteriorated. It’s almost like learning to fly FPV from scratch. At least I’m back in the air and moving forward! :wink:

Also anticipating the arrival of the PedroWhoop FC I built and sent to @pedro147 over a year ago to sort out an arming problem, which he thankfully accomplished for me…can’t wait for it to get here. I really enjoy this hobby and so glad to be back, as it were.


Very happy to see you back in the air @Hammer :slight_smile: