BetaFPV DSMX FC vs. Spektrum DX6i - range issues!

Every day Im asked a few times to build some Spektrum compatible Whoops.
So I got myself a Spektrum DX6i and a handful of these FCs:

and built 5 quads with them.

When flying them with the DX6i, they consistently failsafe within less than 10m.
When I activate the range test, they loose connection within 3 meters or less.

The boards fly OK on my X7 with hacked DM9 module (thats an almost identical TX module to the one on the DX6i). 50-100 meters aways, through several walls, no problem.
The DX6i work similarly good with my Inductrix FPV +. I can fly all around the house, no problem.

Something is seriously wrong here, but I ran out of ideas what it could.
Any good suggestions?

I’m sorry to hear that fellas. I’ve been testing out the board with my Devo 7e. No issues to report so far. It’s strange it works with your qx7. I was expecting to see issues with it after we spoke on Reddit @Benedikt. So far so good with the devo7e using dsm2

Have you had better results with this project yet @Benedikt? How are u liking this FC so far with dsmx? Are you planning on releasing a dsmx dsm2 whoop soon? If so I’ll order one😎

Edit: are u still having issues with the dx6i? Can you have a friend test it with a dx6??? :slight_smile:

Also do u have a Euro version dx6i or the regular?

Yeah, I “fixed” it!

This is certainly not a EU version of the radio,
and yes, I will build more DSM Whoops now and also start stocking this FC.
Gimme a few weeks :wink:


this just made my day! Awesome to hear! Count me in!

So are the whoops that you’re going to sell assembled and set up in betaflight, like true bind and fly style?

Yes, I started building quads for sale mid of the year.
Completely assembled, flashed, test-flown.
Made around 150 so far, they always sell quick.
With the next batch, I will make some DSMs!

Just to state it again: This is not going to work with any “recent” (approx. >=2015) EU DX6i.
DSM2 is pretty much dead in the EU.

Since it can’t be said often enough - FrSky pretty much suffers from the same issues with D8 / D16 (International) / D16 (EU - deprecated) / D16 (EU LBT). Most FrSky 3rd party micro receivers use D8 and most probably don’t work properly with anything flashed to EU LBT.

The only things that really worked well for me are genuine FrSky receivers (XSR (huge, full range, telemetry and currently very cheap to buy), XM/XM+ (small, medium(XM)/full range(XM+), no telemetry but can provide RSSI for OSD), R XSR (small, full range, telemetry - I have some, testing required!). In case of DSMX - I used Lemon RX receivers with good success - but those introduce more additional weight. Never tried any of the more recent genuine Spektrum receivers, since I switched over to FrSky a rather long time ago.

Thanks, I will put that into the disclaimer :wink:

Any update on a release date @Benedikt ? or a general ETA?

So I’ve done as stated here and most of the time things are great, but I think I’ve found one other bug with the dx6i and need a little help confirming, so I’ve noticed it seems that I lose connection and start having problems when my transmitter hits 5.4volts and below my betafpv starts freaking out losing signal, switch to original inductrix non fpv and no problems. Switch to fully charged batterys and problem solved.

low battery life in the TX is a problem for sure. Every time I have a failsafe the first thing I do before I start messing with things is check the TX to make sure the batteries in it arent too low and losing signal…

So now I’ve noticed this lil problem serval more times, my betafpv board seems to develop a mind of its own and tries to fly away shortly after I start flying no warning just up and away until I shut the transmitter down and after like 5 seconds it drops. anyone else seen behavior like this?

Did you check/replace your Tx batteries and did you set it to DSM2?

I’ve done fresh batterys no more than 5 6 flights controller says 5.6v, and yeah I’ve set the transmitter to you’re recommendations, that helped greatly but then this behavior appears. I’ll see if I can upload a video of it soon, at this point I’ve said my good byes to this quad as it seems to want to fly free, one way whoop video maybe lol, on another note I did fly it 1500ft away no problems :slight_smile:

What transmitter are you using? This sounds like the issue people had with the SciSky v1 boards with onboard DSM2 receiver and a certain transmitter combo.

it’s a dx6i, last night’s testing went smooth ran about 8 pack and the only problem I had was its like it hit an invisible wall, I’ll be flying straight forward and all of a sudden it will pitch back like it’s trying to avoid hitting a wall, not that big a deal but still annoying, right before I was able to run the 8 packs thru it was having yaw issues, my yaw was super slow, just running bf 3.2.3 with stock settings, but when I tested later yaw was fine.

And now last night’s testing, my little whoop was having the yaw issue again and seemed sluggish in turns, if I go strait forward, then try a hard turn it flips over like it just lost a prop and drops, also noticed what I call the yaw death spin, I’ll come in for a landing and try and make small yaw adjustments and it just goes full yaw until it hits the ground, really notice this in bf 3.2.3 not so much on the new release but still there.