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BetaFPV Beta65 Lite (Silverware FC)


Thanks again for your help. I probably won’t replace the mpu, I can get this FC for $10 or less. Plus I was looking on eBay for the mpu and none on there looked like the chip on the board.


They sell development boards for a few bucks that have the gyro on them. I am the type of person that likes fixing things so I often waste time and money doing so just so I can see if I can :grin: your welcome for the help. Hopefully a reflow will fix it. If it doesn’t toss it in a bin for spare parts if you ever need them.


Great info, @madman1412!

I’ve been meaning to pick up a hot air station for ages. So it’s bound to happen sooner or later. However, I would never have imagined that it would take almost a minute for the solder on a chip to start flowing. I’ll have to remember that when the time comes, lest I burn the heck out of the board I’m trying to repair. :relaxed:


Hey Brainstorm, been away a bit but I’m trying to get back at it. That is one of the ways I determine if I have the heat right. When reflowing there is actually a 4 minute period where your supposed to preheat the PCB and components to around 310F part of that preheat once it gets up around 250F or so is called the soak time which for moisture sensitive devices in humid conditions helps dry everything out. After the soak the temp climbs to 440F to 490F for about 1 minute then begins the cool down period. That’s how it technically is supposed to work for leaded solder, silver solder takes a slightly higher temp and then there are special solders besides silver such as low temp flow solder wire for removing components using an iron that would otherwise not be doable. Long story short, most of the boards we are working on are small which reduces some of the chance of thermally shocking a board. The main issue with reflowing too quick and not having the temperature correct will mainly be bad solder joints.


I tried to get it to reflow but no luck, still having flashing issue. I started at 450 and went up 600° a third time and pressed down on the module and still no improvement . Thanks again for the help.