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BetaFPV Beta65 Lite (Silverware FC)


Hi guys,

I currently own a Makerfire 65 running PMB v2, although the flight characteristics in angle mode feels way better than stock tuning, I’ve heard that the mockingbird is still quite far from what the inductrix board flies, so I am now eyeing for the BetaFPV Beta65 Lite (Silverware FC) since I am a Flysky user and I can just slap a multiprotocol at the back of my TX and fly it.

My question is how does Silverware FC’s fly compared to the stock inductrix frame? How does it fly compared to the mockingbird v2?

Thanks in advance for any inputs from you guys!



I’m not much of an angle flyer and it’s been a long time since I last flew an Inductrix. I also haven’t tried out Mockinbird v2 lately. But after trying Silverware last year, I haven’t looked back. The raw performance is in another league from anything else I have tried. Prop wash is virtually non existent. It’s super locked in, precise, reponsive and has every feature I could wish for. I only fly acro freestyle personally but I heard from high level racers that the angle mode is equally amazing.

That said, there is a learning curve. It’s not so user friendly. It’s not as easy as plugging in USB and opening Betaflight. That is the only downside of it. But on the other hand, it’s not rocket science either. I just made a tutorial for a very special person on these forums yesterday (you’ll see, hopefully :wink: I’m curious to hear how his first Silverware experience went) and I’d be happy to share that with the community after some polish. Give it a few days. :slight_smile:

But I say go for it, the dark side is a pathway to many abilities. Me and many others would be happy to help you get going.


The BetaFPV Beta65 Lite is already pre-flushed with Silverware right? My actual concern is actually finding a multiprotocol module for my Flysky IS6, or better yet, by any chance, can I just attach a Flysky RX on the FC of the Beta65 Lite and bind it directly?


The lite does come pre-flashed, but with stock silverware, which has very slow rates and is more tailored towards beginners. I do recommend flashing it with NotFastEnuf’s version, but you can always choose to do that later.

Regarding Flysky, I don’t have a clue about that. Looks like that transmitter does not have a module bay, but a quick search found this small module: https://www.banggood.com/IRangeX-iRX6-Multiprotocol-TX-Module-for-Flysky-FS-i6-i6x-Transmitter-p-1161199.html
These type of modules have really crappy range because it uses the antenna that is on the PCB. If you intend to be flying in the house only, it’s an option. But don’t expect to fly far with it. Adding an RX is not an option I believe, I think it has been done with frsky but I don’t think it has been done with Flysky.


You mean addint an FrSky RX to the Beta65 Lite board has been done?


Sorry, I think it has been done with Bwhoop/e011 (can’t remember) using the same ports you use for flashing. I’ve been searching to find the discussion but can’t find it at the moment. I haven’t done it myself but I swear I read about this somewhere… if it worked on the Bwhoop I suppose it should work on BetaFPV lite. @NotFastEnuf?


You can add any receiver that outputs an sbus signal to any board supported by my fork. It’s as easy as unselecting the bayang protocol and selecting rx_sbus in its place. The modifications I have made to silverware handle the rest of the tweaks and settings for you automatically from there. For connection, you would use the clk pin as your rx input, then use the 3v pad to power your rx and of course a ground. Depending on which rx you use, you may have to make one additional edit for inverted vs. uninverted signal.

@Imozeb has recently set up a beta lite on frsky… and I think @Velcrofpv knows a trick to get sbus out of a flysky rx. So.ethnic about setting your transmitter to sbus during bind instead of ibus… but I have no direct experience with that.

One key thing to keep in mind is that the function of your flashing pins is being changed by this mod. So you will only have 2 seconds after plugging in a battery to complete any future flashings. Also you may have to unplug the rx to flash. The only other option would be to steal a mcu pin that’s doing something else … like removing an led/current limiting resistor and using that pad.


Yeah with NotFastEnufs help I got a Frsky Nano RX connected to my BetaLite FC and it works perfectly. It is soldered underneath the FC with pins for flashing soldered to the top of the FC.

For this particular RX (and maybe yours) I have to disconnect the RX pin from the Clk pin on the Beta Lite FC whenever I want to flash. I installed a tiny switch to make it easier.

But really you should try the BetaLite board with NotFastEnufs code. It flies soooo much better than any BetaFlight Whoop I’ve used before. I’ve also heard that the AlienWhoop Zero board is considerably better. You should just get that if you go with a Silverware. :grin:


Good thread, @djamatrix!

I actually just got a Beta65 Lite. Hoping to fly it with the Jumper T8SG multi-protocol TX via Bayang protocol. But I haven’t had a chance to set up anything yet. So this discussion is very timely! :smiley:

I also picked up a FrSky Taranis X-Lite TX, which is much nicer than the T8SG. Hoping to add a multi-protocol module to that one eventually, so that it can “speak” Bayang as well. :wink:


Bayang is absolutely awesome @Brainstorm. 1.67ms less latency than crossfire with telemetry on which is a 50hz faster refresh rate. Latency drops even lower with telemetry off. Here is an interesting post with the details…

Part of the advantage comes in the aux channels being only on or off. Less data to transmit. The rest is just the superiority of spi interface over serial.


Silverware with BetaFPV Lite don’t mess around…these are 19k 615 motors and they SCREEEAMMM!


Oooh, good to know!


Thanks, @NotFastEnuf!

It’s just mind boggling – and super cool – that a Chinese toy protocol has lower latency than the tech from Spektrum, FrSky, and TBS. :sunglasses:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: SPI RX integrated on the FC is the future!

What cracks me up is that we’ve had this on Eachine and other cheap toys for ages. However, SPI is only now coming to fancier brushless electronics. I think pepperF1SH FC was the first example, but FrSky has jumped on board with its own 30x30 and recently 20x20 FC’s with built-in R-XSR RX. (Or are those just integrated S-BUS?)

Awesome indoor flying, @PJC! :star_struck:

Maybe I can stick with 615 motors and don’t need to upgrade to 716, although the Beta65 Lite already comes with 716 motors stock! :smile:


PS: @NotFastEnuf What we really need now is a 16x16 or 20x20 Silverware FC with low-latency Bayang RX for brushless applications. :smile:

Edit: And a Silverware FC that allows uploading Silverware via USB instead of pins! I know, I’m asking for a lot. But the general public will soon be, too. :wink:

PPS: Love that “silverware” logo in @PJC’s YT video! :heart_eyes:


And there is exactly the reason… an spi rx interface can be accomplished with a 50 cent chip and a few passives. The fact that it’s a superior method performance wise had nothing to do with it… it was simply cheaper. Rofl

Who says the Chinese don’t innovate!!! What they accomplish for our hobby is mind boggling! !!


Nice build up @Imozeb !

Love the idea with this little switch !:smiley::+1:
Ingeniously simple solution to the problem.


I can’t believe this is a Whoop…okay, it’s a Boldclash 716 19k Whoop running BetaFPV Lite and NFE Silverware…but you shouldn’t be able to do bonks, flips, flops dives and a real power loop with a Whoop…this…is…insane.


@PJC Performance of this Beta Lite NFE build totally blows my mind! :flushed::star_struck:

I really need to get my Beta65 Lite out of the box, flashed, and flying. :blush:


DO IT!!!


First time I took my Whoops to Portland…man I gotta do this more…more flowy, more relaxed, but still it Silveware and 19k 716s…so POWAH!