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Betafpv 65s binds, arms, but won't take off!


Bingo! Reversed motors and it flies like a champ! Thanks again, folks! Much appreciated!


Glad we could help. Just to be sure, you physically took the motors out and put them in another spot ?

If you did not try reversing the motors by swapping wires in the plug or resoldering you should be good and not in danger of running the motors backwards as @madman1412 mentioned. As long as the original motor wires/plugs and motor sockets on the fc are used there is no chance the polarity on the motor is reversed.


I did not physically move the motors or wires. I un-clicked the tab in betaflight that said “motor direction is reversed.” That ok?


No problem, it will fly well and not damage anything.
If you ever feel adventurous in the future you can convert to props out for better handling in corners


I think I’ll do that straight away now that I understand the system. Thanks again!


Awesome that fixed the issue. Good work @Edwin#5880 ! So the motors should spin clockwise on the ones that have the blue and red wires and counter clockwise for motors that are black and white wires @dew. While they will run backwards I wouldn’t do that because of the way the brushes are designed. They are basically a thin metal bar that contacts the armature and are meant to have the armature moving away from the contact point rather than towards it.


Here is a photo of the brushes


Thanks, @madman1412. Motors are spinning correctly with the switch toggled off. So, clearly @Benedikt wants folks to fly it with motors in the reversed position, as described by @Edwin, since this is how Benedikt configured the set up. I’m surprised no one else has run in to this issue given that other folks must load his settings and configurations for the 65s. I 'm gonna go fly now! Thanks again, MMC!


Yes, there is a difference in handling that is noticeable when props spin out vs inward that has to do with what is call prop wash. Turbulence created when they spin inwards will cause that prop wash which effects the flight characteristics specifically when diving or coming down in altitude quickly.