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Betafpv 65s binds, arms, but won't take off!


So, MMC, I just bought a Beatfpv 65X and a Betafpv 65s from MMW. You folks helped me get the 65X in the air (big thank you to Edwin). Now, check this out with my 65s. It binds, it arms, it receives just a wee bit of stick input and it cuts out! See video below. What am I missing here? Set up is Benedikt’s configuration and transmitter settings. I’ve re-flashed firmware and ini file in transmitter (jumper plus). Same deal. Thanks!


Hello again :slight_smile: I had a quad doing almost the same and that was caused by betaflights “anti taz” or runaway protection feature.

If you have a set of goggles or fpv monitor you can check the osd in the fpv feed if that is what is happening.

Otherwise as a test disable the runaway takeoff prevention feature in betaflight configurator and see if that helps


Ok, so I found the command to turn it off in the CLI. I turned it off, now the beast spins in circles as soon as it takes off. It’s like it has 100% yaw input with no stick input. Clearly this is why the runaway was being engaged.


Are all your motors correctly mapped? You can check that in the motor tab of BF. Just tick the box to enable motors then use the individual sliders to make sure they are all responding to the correct motor positions.


Thanks for the suggestion. I checked and the all spin up correctly.


I referring to the positions of motors. If they are not in the correct positions but they are spinning in the correct direction it will confuse the flight controller. If props were not correct it wouldn’t even take off.


That’s what I meant to say, but did so unclearly! I checked the spin up by position in betaflight using the slider tabs as you suggested and they all spin up according to their mapped position.


Ok. Left front and rear right, right front and left rear motors are same direction? As in they are both clockwise or counter clockwise?
In other words the two front motors should spin opposite as well as the two rear motors.


Yep. All good there.


Is trim on the Tx out?


Yep. Diagonal positioned motors spin in the same direction. Um, well, with Benedikt’s model transmitter settings I can’t see the trim tabs on the main screen like I can with my other models.


I found trims on the Tx menu and all 4 channels are set at Trim+ “none”, step 0.1


What Tx are you using? There should be trim switches on the Tx. Can you counteract the spin with the Tx by applying yaw opposite of the spin?


Jumper Plus. It’s a lot of spinning. Take a look at this video to see what I am dealing with. Something seems very wrong!


I’ve got to run out for a while. I appreciate your time and energy trying to help me on this. These Betafpv have a been buggers for me.


There’s a bit of a learning curve in all of this. It all adds up in experience that will help you down the road though so it’s worth the time to work through it. Also as I help others if I can, l also learn valuable info so it’s a plus plus. I learn from others problems as much as my own even if I do not have the answer someone usually does. The physical trim on the Tx is the last thing I can think of right now. I’ll see if I can come up with something else that could cause that. You are correct that something isn’t right from what I see in the video. Were you applying any left Yaw to see if that would counteract the spin?


I think I see the issue, the model file from benedikt defines prop direction as props out (right front clockwise etc.) but your quad is set up as props in (right front ccw etc.)
If you toggle the prop direction in betaflight you should be good.


If that works and after you get some stick time to get a feel for the quad it is actually worth it to change the quad to a props out configuration (swap right front motor and prop with right aft and do the same on left side, then also put the toggle in betaflight to props out)
Especially on a whoop props out handles much better in corners


Good suggestion @Edwin. I am a little confused as to how that would make the quad spin in one direction though? Does this toggle switch motor positions in the settings? Also @dew should be sure he’s using the correct motors in those positions as in spinning the right way since the metal brushes are designed mainly for one direction, even though they can spin either way I don’t think it’s good to run them reverse of the direction they were made to spin.


What I think happens under the hood is this toggle mainly affects yaw, when yawing two diagonally opposed motors spin up and the other two spin down. This causes a torque either ccw or ccw.

This is why the fc needs to know which motors run cw and which ccw, it needs to know which ones to spin up or down to get the yaw direction it wants.

If the fc thinks all motors spin the other way than they actually do it spins up the wrong motors resulting in a yaw movement opposite of what it expects, then it will only spin up the wrong motors more resulting in more yaw movement the wrong way and the quad spinning out of control.