Betaflight, Silverware, and stock FCs

So, been reading/watching a lot on the developments on the brushed whoop scene recently. With Betaflight’s Project Mockingbird in development and Silverware/NotFastEnuf pushing the limits got me thinking about a general meta discussion about FC’s and comparisons within each category. I’ve only flown betaflight and the stock boards on the E010/E011, so I’d love to hear people comment on the strengths of each type of control software.

I have noticed that my stock E011 board flies much sharper than my betaflight board (non mockingbird settings) and I don’t get as many issue with movement on punch and yaw drift. I’d assume the silverware improves the stock E011 FC, but I can’t comment (yet, hoping to figure out how to flash it soon). Tiny Whoop owner Jessie Perkins has said that the inductrix FC also is just strictly better than Betaflight currently, which really makes me wonder why are these ‘toy-grade’ FCs so much better than an F3 running betaflight.

Maybe this has already been discussed in subthreads that I missed, but I’d love to hear some opinions!

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I think calling these FCs “toy-grade” is doing them a disservice.

I have no experience with the stock E010 FC, but I have flown Inductrix, Betaflight and Silverware boards. The Inductrix flies so nice because it comes perfectly tuned from the factory. I guess that’s true for the E010/E011 as well.

As of now, tuning Betaflight to behave ok on brushed micros involves turning a lot of its features off. The firmware is build by miniquad pilots for miniquad pilots. That’s why it has been so bad on whoop-style crafts in the past. There is little consideration for the different requirements.

The main reason why I’m so excited about Silverware is that it’s build by brushed micro pilots for brushed micro pilots. As far as I know it’s the first tunable firmware specifically build for brushed microquads.
The transmitter throttle-mixing that the Mockingbird Project popularized - it’s build right into Silverware and completely automatic. There is no excessive filtering and no RC interpolation.

It think Silverware is the future of brushed micros. If it gets more accessible, it will replace a lot of Betaflight setups.


I think once there is a GUI like “BF Configurator” I think it will become more accessible for the average user. The most difficult part seriously is soldering pins to the board that don’t pull off the pads from the pcb when plugging/unplugging various times.

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Silverware works very well on larger brushless quads too, I’m enjoying testing the dedicated silverware fc that got designed. I’m hoping to start the process of getting the design done for v2 of that with some more features.
Side projects like yours @sier are what we need to improve the useablity of the firmware alongside the android app that SilverAg made. If we could work towards a cross platform gui, useable on mobile devices as well as traditional computers then Betaflight will have another contender.

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Easily rectified, there are various connectors that can be used for permanent solutions. All on the wiki, I even attached a micro USB for one of my builds. Not lifted a single pad once.


Competition does drive the market, and I feel like last year we had a host of different opensource FC firmware like MultiWii, Baseflight, and Cleanflight but Betaflight kind of took over and basically no one is running anything but Betaflight. So I’m happy to see other opensource FC firmware come onto the market, since betaflight was designed for 5" miniquads.

Yeah that’s a major detriment, I know people say it’s not hard, but it’s just so easy to plug in a usb cable and get into betaflight immediately. We just need a board that already has the requisite pins on it. Every hobby grade FC I’ve ever used has a usb cable so maybe we need to convince Chinese manufactures to pin out the pads we need, or make that dedicated silverware board.

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At the same time - I kinda like the weight savings of not having an actual port. Once it’s programmed with a known good tune, you shouldn’t really have to go back too often, so that port is just dead weight…

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I don’t mean to use toy-grade in a necessarily derogatory-not-good-enough way, but the E010/E011 FCs are made specifically for what most people in the hobby would call a toy-grade quad, i.e. it doesn’t have a receiver which stays bound and there is no intent from the manufacturer to allow user modifications like an Fx series chip would.

So, do you think there’s nothing inherently better about the E010 FC itself and it’s strictly the tuning? I think that the user base of Silverware is really the strongest part of the FC, like you said. What drove betaflight were the innovations of Borris and the rest of the people asking for new features, and I think that the inductrix has already gotten most of their kinks worked out, but haven’t really innovated a ton.