BetaFlight "Failed to open serial port" when I try to flash firmware

Hi all,

I am trying to flash my acrowhoop 2 with the firmware on the furious FPV site.

I am using this guide -

My drone detects when i plug it in as per what the guide says, however once i hit the “Flash Firmware” button it disconnects and I get the error “Failed to open serial port”

Any idea’s?

It appears to be running betaflight configuration 1.8.9

Can anyone help me with this?

I have windows 10, drivers are troublesome on a PC.
If you don’t have a mac, try this video from furious fpv about zadig.
There are three downloads you need, one requires an email they will send the driver to.
I barely got through it the first time, so I’m not the strongest w this stuff

I gave this a try and I still get the same message “Failed to open serial port”. Thanks for trying though!

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Try this driver fixer for putting the fc into bootloader mode for flashing.
Driver fixer

The Driver Fixer software is an awesome little piece of software.
I have had so many problems of not being able to connect to 3 of my Eachine FCs. So now I just plug the FC in, and if Windows doesn’t assign it a com port, which means I can’t connect to it, I will just run the Driver Fixer software. 10 seconds later, and the software has “fixed” the driver issue. Next I unplug the FC from the computer and then plug it back in again and then launch Cleanflight or Betaflight and voila, I have a com port assigned and I can connect to the FC.

Hi @Kamsleo69.
I tried these instructions on the video and after that my mouse stopped working. In addition to the Betaflight update, it still does not work. Any tips on how to recover the mouse?