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Betaflight channel reverse?


I just finished a new build, but when I tested out the channels on my bench, the pitch axis was reversed. All the others are good, but not pitch. I could do it in my tx, but it’s also bound to other quads. Any ideas? On another note, my motors got hot quickly on the bench w/o props. No screws on the windings, d terms down, soft mounted FC. Not sure if it’s a problem, maybe the motors aren’t getting cooled enough cuz they weren’t moving through the air. Thanks!


Use rxrange, example, rxrange 0 1000 2000, change to, rxrange 0 2000 1000.
You’ll need to see which channel is your elevator, rxrange goes from 0 to 3 for the first 3 channels.


Thanks! That was it, but any ideas on the motor heating issue? I think it is the fact that the quad isn’t moving and cooling the motors.


Motors should not get hot on the bench without props unless there is something wrong. I guess prolonged running at high revs might do it. Make sure there’s nothing binding the motors, c-clips too big for the holes in the arms? A multimeter set to continuity should show no connection between motor screws and main pos connector on the fc, test every one. Are the motors rated for the size of Lipo you’re using?


Yep. It’s not burning hot, but quite warm to the touch. I’m running dshot600, so would that affect it?