BetaFlight 3.4 / MockingBird v2 - on BetaFPV F3


I like that little guy but they don’t offer a pnf or dsmx version…


I think this is not really personal preference when it comes to FPV without prop guards/ducts:
Are there any benefits of the “props in” default?

I’m running “props out” since roughly two years on all my machines for good objective reasons:

  • No dirt is pushed onto the camera
  • Branches etc. are pushed away in forward flight (try flying “through” tall grass with the other config!)
  • Probably aerodynamic benefits in connection with dead cat configurations (a bit more esoteric)

The first two points are rather obvious and really noticeable. Obviously, this all doesn’t really matter as soon you have ducts. Nevertheless, as soon you fly things other things than “whoops-like-quads”, you maybe want to have similar configurations on all machines.


@PJC Definitely enjoyed the video when you posted it. Was also just thinking it would be nice to aww a picture(s) of your Boss 716 build. I appreciate videos, but I love pictures of the builds even more! :wink:


Hi Guys,

Just going through setting up the suggested Project Mockingbird V2 settings into my FC, but have a question:

I’m using the latest Betaflight Configurator 10.3.0 and noticed that the “Filter” settings dialogue window as outlined in the instructions look quite different than the current Configurator version. There are some more settings, in particular Gyro low pass filter settings etc. I am not a complete Betaflight noob and I have no idea how to translate the same settings in the project in the current and more complicated Configurator version.

I’d really appreciate it if someone can jump in with suggestions to set the Filter options properly.




I’ll do a screen-grab and post soon…


@PJC Cool! I see you’re still rocking the Johnny Cash look. :sunglasses:


haha…for sure…this is my micro Oblivion! LOL



Here you go:


Thank you sir!