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BetaFlight 3.4 / MockingBird v2 - on BetaFPV F3


This thread serves as instruction manual, resource pool and discussion forum for BetaFlight 3.4 with MockingBird v2 settings on the BetaFPV F3 flight controller, to share the love and keep pushing the envelope!

Before I begin, let me express my gratitude to the contributors:

  • the BetaFlight developer community for constantly improving a great firmware
  • @ScottAllyn, @PJC, @NotFastEnuf, @brucesdad13, Ethan Bayer and Nate Payne for their ongoing work on Project MockingBird
  • BetaFPV for listening to their customers and making and improving a solid FC

Im really enjoying the time we live in - where global collaborations enables me to build a wicked FPV machine for less than a pair of shoes.

Here is a video with flight footage and setup instructions:

To sum it up: I really like how this setup flies!
Precise, snappy, and with less hic-ups than all previous versions/setups I have flown.
From now on, this will be my go-to setup whenever I build or flash a BF quad.

The firmware file
used in above video comes from here: https://ci.betaflight.tech/job/Betaflight/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/obj/
To the developers in this thread: If you have any later/better version, please post it below and I will edit it into this post (or gibe you edit permissions :p).

To make this firmware fly as per above video, you need to adjust a few hardware settings, PID/rate settings, and (optional) the OSD settings.

Project MockingBird
contains the PID/rate settings, plus instructions on how to configure your transmitter. See the related forum thread here:

and there is a direct link to the project document:

containing the list of all the configuration changes and lots of additional explanation.

Instead of making all those changes to the FC configuration manually, you can also do that via a setting dump, as shown in the video above.
(side note: you can obtain this setting dump from a configured FC by typing “diff” into the CLI)

To install a setting dump,
copy the complete text block from “name” to “save”, click on last icon on the BetaFlight configurator (CLI), paste the text, and hit enter.
The last line “save” will store the settings in memory and reboot the FC. I add that line manually to my setting dumps. If you use another dump, make sure to type “save” manually!

Details on the following two dump files:

BF34MockingB.txt contains hardware settings for a BetaFPV F3 FC with SBUS receiver and OSD, and without telemetry. It includes the complete OSD and battery management setup, and all MockingBird v2 changes.
In addition, angle limit is increased to 80.

BF34MockingB_inv.txt contains the same setting as per above, but expects the board mounted upside-down (plugs facing up).
In particular, the motor resource allocation (4 lines) and the sensor orientation (1 line) are changed/added.
If you are trying the inversion on a different FC, your motors resources will be different. Use “dump” to read out your complete configuration, and then apply some logic :wink:

BF34MockinB.txt (2.2 KB)
BF34MockinB_inv.txt (2.3 KB)


However, there are main two issues that I would like to point out:

  • it freaks out when pulling out of a dive
  • it gets confused by crashing

For the first issue, look at 1:14, and 1:39 of above video. In both cases, I try to level out at the bottom of a dive, and the quad does something else. Im already quite gently at the sticks here. If I pull harder on the pitch, add some yaw, or give more throttle, it will freak out more and usually crashed. I have been running down these stairs a lot :wink:

For the crashing confusion, look at 1:30. You see the quad smack into an obstacle, and the FC is getting confused about its attitude. It goes sideways for a second despite the stick being centered (in angle mode, with air mode enabled), and then it catches itself and is controllable again.
I know this behavior from previous versions of BetaFlight and MultiWii. On some versions, its lot worse, but on some it was better.
To help understanding whats going on (since we have no blackbox on these tiny FCs…) I have put the roll and pitch angles on the OSD. Upper value on the lower left is roll.
As you can see just after the crash, roll is displayed as near zero, but its clearly leaning to the right. The quad travels right for about a second, then it levels out again.

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Awesome! Nate Payne here. I worked with @PJC on Mockingbird v2. I took my Betaflight whoop to so many races over the winter, that I lost count! It’s so locked in! I love it! It’s great to see you sharing the info. Let me know if I can help.


I just put this on my Beecore V2 (omnibus) with 7mm motors… It flies amazing… I still need to get used to it, but its more controllable than I could have imagined…


Just in case someones wondering, the whole blackbox dicussion has moved over here:

Let’s keep it nice and simple here, and post general feedback or questions on BF3.4/MockingBird v2 here.
If the blackboxing delivers significant results, we will post here with a new tune!


I do a “DIFF ALL” here to get all the profile settings etc. I think it’s more complete, but could be wrong.


FYI, if you all want to go “deep” on the discussion about what happens in Betaflight in Angle mode on crashing, here’s the thread @brucesdad13 and I helped with. The “fix” in 3.4 isn’t solving the root problem, but was a great first step in being able to compete in races with Indy based boards.


Yes! Now that we have a few hundred blackbox whoops about to be born, I think we will get the data needed by the devs to fix attitude estimation and all the other bits and pieces that effect angle mode and micro brushed quads. Also, @PJC pm me your mailing address on FB.


Not sure about the difference between “diff” and “diff all”.
Whenever I want to see all setting the FC, I command “dump”.
E.g. useful for resource re-allocation :wink:


From Oscar:

There are 2 command variants: “diff” and “diff all”.
“diff” prints only the parameters in the current profile and current rate profiles that are changed from the default. By adding a command argument “showdefaults” (entering “diff showdefaults” in CLI), the original values ​​are also displayed in a comment line (beginning with a #) for all changed values.

“diff all” displays only the values ​​in all profiles and rate profiles that are different from the default values. By adding a command argument “showdefaults”, the original values ​​are also displayed in a comment line (beginning with a #) for all changed values.


Has anyone tried the mockingbird settings on a brushless whoop?
What kind of modifications would be expected for a 0603 19000kv setup?


yes, I have a custom spec build from Steven Merrell who is the king of building brushless whoops. We are setting up PIDs etc, but first it will be for a 16k 20g 0603 setup. Mods to the setup are really new PIDs, reduction or turning off Throttle mixing, and setup of Turtle Mode. You can’t turn off RC Interpolation and other “brushless” things that are just inherently different between brushed and brushless.

To be honest, we got a little sidetracked when we had a breakthrough with some new settings when @NotFastEnuf started chatting again about Betaflight brushed things, but we’ll get back to brushless. :slight_smile:


Awesome news, thanks for the update @PJC!


I’m sorry if this is not on topic, but your goggles in the video look so comfy, could please somebody point me to some information about them? I suppose they are DIY, did I miss a video?


Hi all,

I have been looking into this mocking bird setup. Above it states cut copy paste the settings in the cli command point.

Reading the info on the mocking bird, I read the motors was switched for blade out. Does that mean this will not work unless I swap the motors around.


The OG Mockingbird document refers to props out, but I consider that personal preference. You can do it either way.
Props in is the default.
If you want to run props out, you need to define

set yaw_motors_reversed = ON


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I am wondering 2 questions:

Can project mockingbird v2 settings be applied to non-ducted brushed models and work nicely? I think it would be so cool if there was a magic sauce for all brushed models with betaflight 3.4 , but I may be asking for too much :smiley:

Also, can someone list the main general differences in configuration/settings between a brushed model, and a brushless model?


for sure! This video is all Acro, but I run it on my Boss frames and it rocks in Angle mode with Mockingbird on it! This is literally the same FC I had in a Whoop (my old QX65 FC and camera) and I just plopped it into a Boss and flew.


the basic setup for rates and profile switching is the same, but PID’s, RC interpolation, and filtering is different. I have two brushless builds that I have specs that I’m finalizing and will publish soon. The best bang for you buck and my personal RTF brushless fave is the UR65.