Betaflight 3.2 on the BeeBrain v1 - basic settings


Since the angle bug in BF is fixed, I am upgrading my fleet to 3.2 and stop using the legacy PID controller. That means I need a new tune.

The following PID settings were created on a BeeBrain v1.2 (F1 chip) running BF-3.2-RC5, mounted inverted. If you want to run your FC with the plugs facing down, just dont copy the first 5 lines (starting with “resource” and set align_board).

These settings are still pretty “raw”. Not much flight testing yet, just a few packs of LOS. But it flies and is in the ballpark tuning wise.

Please feel invited to test the settings on your quad and provide feedback, so we can optimize this config set together.

#resource remapping, only required when inverting the FC
resource MOTOR 1 B06
resource MOTOR 2 B07
resource MOTOR 3 A08
resource MOTOR 4 A11

#flip board with plugs up
set align_board_roll = 180

#arm on AUX1
aux 0 0 0 1300 2100
#angle on AUX2 low, rate on AUX mid/high
aux 1 1 1 900 1325
#airmode on UAX2 high
aux 2 28 1 1700 2100

#increase motor PWM to make it less annoying
set motor_pwm_rate = 16000

#increase gains and level limit
profile 0
set p_pitch = 70
set d_pitch = 25
set p_roll = 50
set d_roll = 25
set p_level = 55
set level_limit = 90

#increase RC rate, decrease super rate
rateprofile 0
set rc_rate = 150
set roll_srate = 0
set pitch_srate = 0
set yaw_srate = 0

Need help to setup Taranis X9D+, Spektrum DM9 and Beecore V1 (flashed with Betaflight 3.2.2)

Hey chief
Are these settings with the mmw insane motors of so il hive them a bash a crash :grin:


On what frame motor combo?

But base lines are always good.


I fly all my Whoops with the same settings.
Currently mainly 0615-19 2-bladed on cockroach, 0617-25 on hacked cockroach, 0716-17 on beta65S.
Yes, they all fly a little different, but not different enough to make me want a different tune.

I only maintain one set of settings (incl. PIDs) per FC and firmware version.
Then for each set of settings, I have one TX model with adjusted endpoints and a set of throttle curves.


I used these setting on an E010S running Betaflight 3.2 and I was amazed at how stable it got. Thanks for the great lesson in PID tuning. I can’t say it makes sense to me yet, but at least I’ve got a shot at learning.