BetaFlight 3.2 FINAL - on BetaFPV F3 OSD Whoop


Glad to have found this thread! Just got this FC and built a whoop with 7x16 19kv motors. @Benedikt and others, what do you use for the following parameters:

Gyro update frequency?
PID loop frequency?
Dynamic Filtering?
PT1 filter?
Notch filters?

Used to flying 5" in acro. Many thanks!


For F3 go with 4K/4K with dynamic filter on, PT1 and try both notches off. That should give the best performance assuming motors do not get too hot, check after making changes.


Hi guys,

Just finished building my first Micro, a 7x16 Tiny whoop using the Betafpv F3 OSD Frsky board.

Got it flying well so far with some tweaks of my own that I took from the 5" brushless quads that I fly. Still need to refine this and do more testing.

Here are some differences to the config pasted on this thread that I use on mine and seem to work well for me, would like to share/discuss with you.

  • All beepers off - to free up cpu cycles, not that an f3 board would need it anyway"

  • All filters off - Not needed in a good build with quality parts.
    "set dterm_lowpass_type = PT1"
    “set gyro_lpf = OFF”
    “set dterm_notch_hz = 0”

  • Acro mode enabled - Pilots choice

  • Airmode on - Pilots choice

  • Motor_stop disabled - For Airmode to work properly your props have to be spinning a little to have authority when throttle is 0"
    “feature -MOTOR_STOP”
    “set min_throttle = 1050”

  • Accel disabled - Will allow you to arm/disarm in mid flight upside down or in any position.
    “set acc_hardware = NONE”

  • Voltage reading " set vbat_scale = 113" This was a tricky one for me, for some reason my voltage reading was always off when using 110" Would like to know if this is happening to you too.

Will update after further testing.


BF 3.2.4 was released.
Relevant lines from the release note:
Added YSTTM gyro threshold (#4774);
Changed slew filter to work for all axis instead of just yaw (#4819);
Added option to check gyro overflow on yaw or all axes (#4827);

One test flight so far. Flies good, just as 3.2.3, using the exact same settings.


Like to know peoples thoughts on this FC.


If you are looking for bad reviews you are probably in the wrong spot. I will say that I own 3 whoops with betaflight osd compatible fc’s and the betafpv with black motors is my favorite to fly right now. Go for it!


I purchased one and cant seem to get into DFU with cli or button?

Also looking for another UART for S.port.


There is no external uart. The rx is built in.


I purchased with no RX. There is no other uart available for S.port?


Ohh my bad, yes UART on the back. Scroll down. Boot button on the top

This one?


thats the one…but uart2 is for sbus…I want to use sport for lua script


Was able to get S.Port working for telemetry and LUA script for PID tuning. I have the FC with OSD and no rx. I used an Rxsr. If you solder S.port wire to pin 30 on FC and enable S.port in BF on Uart1, you get :moneybag: :grinning:


WOW @chargerdude70 COOL!

You make me dream of telemetry on my FrSky receiver version of that board again.
Do me a favour and identify the RX chip on the RXSR?


The chip thats on the back of the rxsr would be my guess?