Beta65s vtx light blinking

Hello everybody,
Haven’t been posting for a while. so i bought a beta65s to get back into the hobby and after updating betaflight and fiddling with the configurator, at some point the blue vtx led started blinking when i’m pretty sure it was fixed before. It still works normally and receives smartaudio commands but i want to know what happened and if a setting has been changed which one is it. Thanks to anybody willing to help me on this one.

So its not the silverware fc version !?
I’ll check tonight when im home but I’m sure my blue vtx light has always flashed. Never hook to a pc to update.
Just use osd to tune.
But Bf does have the weird vtx table stuff that’s apparently really easy to code wrong. Idk haven’t updated any Bf boards I own

Betafpv make a Beta65s and a Beta65s lite… The former is a betaflight FC and i dont think it was very popular since the lite is so much cheaper (and has that sweet silverware performance), and because for a few $ more you could get a mobula6.

Unfortunately i am not sure what the flashing indicates, or if it did it before. The Lite version always flashes… I thought that changed at some point but it seems it was always flashing. A guy in Russia has recently worked out how to flash the vtx chip and has made his own firmware for it, so that the flashing now indicates band and channel (and he fixed the frequency offset bug), so thats cool, but isnt really helping the OP with his issue.

There have been some versions of the beta 65s, mine came with a Z02 camera/vtx combo. The following page shows the LED codes for the vtx :