Beta65 pro Brushless ESC problem


First thing first ! Huge thanks for this community the one and only without toxic people ! Thumbs up for Dr.Bene !

Here my issue :
Bought a brain new Beta65 pro brushless but i received the old fc which is omnibus F3 4in1 esc and OSD.

I tried to flash my Esc with Bheli suite and Bheli chrome app with no luck it always failed . Did all kind of research but didnt find anything .

Here some screenshot

Using correct PORT , correct SOFTWARE , correct INTERFACE ! So i’ve no idea whats going on ! Never had this issue before .



Here my FC :


Do you have the lipo plugged in? Happened to me before…
Maybe the ESCs got read wrong? Idk, honestly


Yup ! Fully charged Lipo . Tried both bheli suite and bheli chrome app . Still no luck .

Now the Usb port is broken . Ran into many issue with this FC . Wrote to Betafpv to get a replacement and hoping to receive the new one Betaflight one .

Even bought a FTDI to hook to my fc and still not working .

Back to brushed motor ! For now


Hey there. If you ever get an answer as to why your FC/ESC’s are having that issue, please post it! I have the brushless F3 Evo + OSD (No Receiver) and I seem to be having a very similar, if not the same issue, but I think I have a slightly different version of BHeli Suite as I just downloaded it 2 days ago.

The configurator seems to work just fine, but my #1 motor has had a stutter right off the bat. I went into BHeli Suite to calibrate the ESC’s since I tested the motor and it was fine, but BHeli told me it couldn’t Identify my #1 ESC and that it was most likely corrupted from a failed flash (It was the first I’d heard of it) Then it said it couldn’t read the firmware on any of my ESC’s, but the other three still worked fine.

So BHeli Suite won’t let me calibrate my ESC’s or flash, although BHeli configurator will, but it doesn’t fix my #1 ESC problem. Neither does raising the ramp up power. Going to call BetaFPV soon to see what I can learn.

Good luck!