Beta65 pro Brushless ESC problem


First thing first ! Huge thanks for this community the one and only without toxic people ! Thumbs up for Dr.Bene !

Here my issue :
Bought a brain new Beta65 pro brushless but i received the old fc which is omnibus F3 4in1 esc and OSD.

I tried to flash my Esc with Bheli suite and Bheli chrome app with no luck it always failed . Did all kind of research but didnt find anything .

Here some screenshot

Using correct PORT , correct SOFTWARE , correct INTERFACE ! So i’ve no idea whats going on ! Never had this issue before .



Here my FC :


Do you have the lipo plugged in? Happened to me before…
Maybe the ESCs got read wrong? Idk, honestly


Yup ! Fully charged Lipo . Tried both bheli suite and bheli chrome app . Still no luck .

Now the Usb port is broken . Ran into many issue with this FC . Wrote to Betafpv to get a replacement and hoping to receive the new one Betaflight one .

Even bought a FTDI to hook to my fc and still not working .

Back to brushed motor ! For now