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Beta65 pro brushless 1s HV dsmx


Here my TINY issue :

Everything work as intended beside one thing .
Im using a old DX7 gen 1 dsm2 and i bound it to my Receiver on my F3 omnibus , everything is working beside 1 aux channel . Im used to use spektrum 1048 protocol but im stuck with sbus for some reason i can switch it to dsm2 1048 with sat bind “5” . Wonder if its because the only Uart 3 only take sbus …is there a way to get my aux 3 working back or ill need to upgrade my tx or use a old Receiver? Maybe i need to remove a jumper on the fc ? Kinda confused atm …at least its flying perfectly but this Aux problem is annoying me .

Thx mmw community


Not too sure - just having an idea:
Could it be your problem starts with ‘sat_bind = 5’ is DSM2 2048/22ms?
See https://github.com/cleanflight/cleanflight/blob/master/docs/Spektrum%20bind.md



Thx ! Fixed the problem with buying a new Tx Spektrum xD .