Beta FPV Z01 Camera - header pin connector to FC?

I am trying to set up a Beta FPV Z01 v1.2 camera with their F3 Brushed FC with OSD (DSMX). These are the upgraded versions of both the cam and the FC. The camera is supposed to connect to the FC via a 2-pin header connector that should have come in the kit.

The Z01 camera comes with two header pins sticking down from it tin the lower left corner that are supposed to plug into the connector pictured above which has to be soldered on to the FC to provide power to the camera. The header pins I got in my package, don’t look right.

I also have a Beta 65S which has the same Z01 camera and FC setup. So I can see how it’s supposed to work.

I have submitted a support ticket to Beta FPV quite a while ago, but never got a reply. It must be possible to just purchase the right header connector. Anybody know what size or specific header pin connector part I need to make this work?

Appreciate it…

Im not sure. Do you need opposite sockets from 2nd picture? They are commonly used in electronic.
If you can’t find one, PM me your address and I will send you few.


Yes, I think so. The correct connector is in the first picture between the black camera mount and the pigtail. It would be soldered on to the FC to provide power, and then the camera plugs into it. I did not get that part. The ones I got have pins on both sides.

Thanks so much! I’ll PM you.

This suit you?

I found a China-based seller on eBay offering the exact part I need to make the connection between the camera and the FC:

1.27mm Pitch 1x2 Pin 2 Pin Single Row Straight Female Pin Header Strip PCB

I might have to wait a month to get it, but that’s OK. At least I can get this quad built now.

yesterday friend got camera like yours. I see now. Mine are too big. Have a nice build :slight_smile:

You probably wrote them in February, when they were closed for the Chinese new year holidays.

Just write them again. They are usually super nice about stuff like this and send you the missing parts ASAP.