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Beta Flight Configurator with El Capitan in a MAC


Hi there, anyone using Beta Flight configurator with a Mac that has El Capitan? I download it and doesn’t seem to start… Which version should I use? And do I need to download the source code?

I downloaded the “betaflight-configurator_10.4.0_macOS.dmg” and drag it to the app folder as usual, I have also done so with the dmg 10.3.1 too but when I install them I double click on them and they don’t open. I wouldn’t like to upgrade from “El Capitan” as I don’t have much space in my Mac… Do you think I would need the source code file maybe? or that source code file to be downloaded is not useful at all?


Gday Angel!

no source code needed!
Just mount the .dmg, then drag the app into the Applications folder, or just double-click straight from there.
Something seems to be not working on your machine, it sounds to me like you are doing it right.


hello angel ;
indeed - no source code will be needed

first time installing “bf” could be a bit tricky …

please check: “” open program from an unidentified developer "

—i wish you success