Best micro cam for crashing a Tiny Whoop style quad?

Tonight, I took my first successful maiden flight of my new Hubsan sizedFlexRC Pico X, which lasted mere seconds before something caused it to skyrocket into the ceiling (I blame gremlins). When I surveyed the damage, I found that the antenna on the Crazepony micro cam that I had been using was ripped off of the VTx board. After a pack or two on LOS, I got the FPV itch again and borrowed a FX798T to work with. It lasted for all of a few minutes before a crash broke the antenna board clean off of the VTx.

So, with ~$60 of cameras broken in the span of three packs, I’m beginning to doubt that a new Crazepony cam will last more than a crash or two before breaking again. Ignoring the possibility of a mullet mod (not sure where I’d mount the mullet on this tbh…), what camera would best withstand a Whoop crash? Anything where the antenna comes out the bottom at a 90° angle so a crash won’t break it off immediately? Are those split camera/VTx models any good (namely the FX806TC)? Really, all I’d like is to be able to crash this thing without requiring a $20-40 investment each time.

Just replace the antenna on the crazypony. It should be fine as long as the PCB isn’t damaged or pads ripped off.


Stop crashing! At least find some space to learn in. Mullet mods are more crash proof as you can tuck them into a build better. Is go for a different quad to learn on too. Something more tiny whoop style.

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I put one of the KingKong Q25 combo units on EO10.

The camera fits perfectly in between the front ducts with some hot glue holding it on. I shortened the wires to the vtx and was able to stick the vtx under the FC. Currently I have a Scisky glued to the top of the duct. I was able to put an old Inductrix body on top to make it look clean. I strapped on a pilot, but guess since its his season I guess he has a little too much weight to fly well. I don’t have the AUW handy. Without a pilot, it flys pretty well. Having the camera tucked in I can get through some pretty tight spaces.


Part of the ground pad on the Crazepony ripped off; it’s in a U shape and the bottom of the U ripped off with the antenna. Would the two sides of that still work?

I appreciate your optimism, but as it stands my learning place is an indoor TW track with concrete walls and a hard floor… I’m getting a 3D printer today, though, so I’ll see if I can design and print a camera holder that can accommodate a mullet.

I completely forgot that I was looking at that camera a while back. That could actually work perfectly! AUW isn’t a problem for me judging by last night (its a brushless quad running on 2S, so it has easy more power than the Whoops I tried). Thanks for that!

Can you post a pic, I’m sure it can be fixed.

Don’t have the quad on hand right now, but once I get a moment I’ll post a picture. It should be repairable, though.

I currently run 3 micros all use the q25,its proving to ne a realy good fpv system,it has flow 100m with little break up,i recommend it,save weight and shorten wires and discard its clear shrink wrap and its even better.

Another suggestion is,use the new eachine tx,its basicly the tx off a tx01/02/03 on its own,couple it with a 1/4 cmos 600tvl and voila!

I’m a fan of the mullet mod personally (it’s only scary the first time) but you could also solder on a replacement antenna like this:

Just solder them on like the original was connected. The middle wire is signal, and the outer braided metal (how do you call that?) all of it is ground.

You can also cut a bit of inner wire from the coaxial (the inner) cable of a broken clover leaf antenna. Make sure it is exactly 12.8mm which apparently is the quarter wavelength of the 5.8 frequency, and mount it like this: (ignore the mullet mod on this one)

No need for to attach ground, only signal. :slight_smile: It has significantly less range then a cloverleaf, but for indoor tinywhooping it’s acceptable and definately durable.

Also hotglue on the cloverleaf helps to strengthen them. Just make sure that if the antenna would break off the VTX completely, you power it down ASAP or it will destroy the VTX.


Anyone think this can be fixed? fx805t could I ground the antenna somewhere else? also thinking of trying the mullet mod on this one if it can be fixed. …

If the signal pad is still there you have options, if the signal pad, or the little tiny inductor (or, technically, balun) is gone then you have fairly serious issues.

well from what I see the pad that the center wire of the antenna is still there but no ground, where could I ground to?

It looks like your can scrape the solder mask off what is left of the two little tabs and solder on there. I’d try that first.

You could also try the mini dipole from my picture above, using only signal. Depending on what you are planning to do with it, because you trade effective range to reduce weight. It’s enough for flying close indoors but I wouldn’t recommend it for outside flying.