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Best antenna combo for indoor flying?


Gentlemen and ladies happy new year to all !
I have had an awesome opportunity to fly my 3” BHR-pro inside a large metal warehouse. With a dipole and 200mw vtx outside and the diversity FXT Viper goggles with a dipole and rcp antennas my reception is good, but inside it’s crazy bad. I remember something about the VTX signal bouncing around but I can’t recall the best antenna combo to compensate. What’s your best advice?
Side note- Although I have not been active posting recently I have been keeping tabs here and for those who know me a quick update: my daughter is now a year and a half old and we purchased a new home that I’m refurbing before we move in! 2019 is off to a great start


For the first antenna I’ll recommend a foxeer Pagoda, Works amazing for me, Comes in rpsma and sma. and if you want a bit more range, You can spend more money on a TBS triumph, Great penetration. And for your second antenna you should get a patch antenna, TBS makes great ones. But remember to point the pannel at your quad.


Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll look into those antennas. However, range isn’t my issue here, as a matter fact I’m going to drop down to 25mw to reduce some of the interference. What I’m experiencing is a known phenomenon I just don’t know what it’s called. Do you fly inside with those antennas?


Multipath interference ?


I do fly inside, I fly with foxeer Pagoda and TBS patch, Works great I can even go into my basement with no problem.


With a quick google search, I believe that’s it. Time to study up, (you tube and such)
I wonder if ib crazy has anything on this? Anyone know if he’s in here?


Dont think IB Crazy is here (I hope i’m wrong :slight_smile: ). For indoors and to reduce mulipathing you really should be using an omni directional Antenna both on the quad and the goggles. If you have a diversity set of goggles an omni and an omni patch are a good pair. On the quad go for a decent pagoda or if size is an issue the Lumenier micro Axii. Personally i use an Aomway CP antenna on my goggles and either an omni picco patch or the bandicoot linear patch (menace RC) dependant on if i have a linear or CP antenna on the quad.


Thanks for the input, @DsAds, I’ve heard good things about the micro axii, with a little help from my trusty hot glue I should be able to mount it ok on the curved canopy of the bhr. It’s ironic, but with all the antenna options out there, the antenna that came with my first set of goggles, the fat shark teleporters works well in most cases. I believe it’s a clover leaf, this is synonymous with omni directional right ?


The Pagoda is great, so is the axii.
Turning the power down and having circularly polarized antennas on both ends is your best bet.
CP on both ends means that the signal has to bounce twice to cause interference (polarization inverts on bounce, rhcp becomes lhcp, etc), and 25mw doesn’t give it a lot of power to bounce with.
On 200mW and especially 200mW with a linear antenna involved you’re getting a lot of bounces and every single one can chat interference. Inside a metal building is pretty much worst case multi-path interference wise


Mr. @Bobnova, good to hear from you! Appreciate your input. I haven’t been doing a lot of flying/building/hacking lately so I’m gonna get on amazon and hopefully find this antenna before we get shut down from flying at this spot( at work🤫)


I’ve found that multipathing while indoors is going to happen no matter what antennas you use. Sure in theory, omnidirectional antennas should help, but I’ve found swapping out my La Forge Fatshark module to a RapidFire did the most in terms of reducing multi-pathing.

Also what @Bobnova is saying is correct too. Lowering your power to 25mW might help.


Thanks @Mullet,
I’ll have to save that upgrade for another time, when I have more time :roll_eyes:
As for turning the power down, I went to select that option on my vtx and found that when I waterproofed my components I conformal coated my button.
My only option left is the micro axii when it gets here.
I did fly on Saturday however and it was great fun. The 3” 3S bhr is too much quad for this area so I’m gonna have to break out one of my 2” 2S quads next week.


Hey @Kamsleo69, good to see you :slight_smile: You could short the connections between the tactile switch to get that Vtx into 25mw mode. As someone that has flown inside metal buildings a bit I found that 200mw is too much and will cause a lot of multipathing. When I switched to the 25mw it definitely helped. So switching up the antenna’s along with lowering the Vtx to 25mw should make a decent improvement in the signal.


here are my findings from flying my two mobula7s at work. the black and red ducts have the micro UXII rhclp antenna and the white translucent ducts have stock whip antenna. I use the eachine VR D2 goggles with triumph rhcp and stock rhcp clover antenna.

for some reason when the signal received by my goggles gets low the screen ether gets really dim or really bright and washed out… that happened with the stock mobula7 in the farthest garage bay, (not recorded on dvr) but not with the red and black mobula7.


So after replacing dipole on vtx with lumineer Axii RHCP, the reception dramatically improved. I’m still at 200mw due to my conformal coating goof, but I’m ok w keeping it there for now.
On my goggles I used an old aomway rhcp instead of the farshark mushroom rhcp.
It felt great to fly more than one pack in a row and still be able to feel my fingers😂


I know I’m replying a bit late, But I just found this pretty good antenna from aomway, I haven’t bought it but seems ok. Any thoughts on this? https://www.amazon.com/Crazepony-Aomway-Panel-Antenna-Multicopter/dp/B06XHYQQ7K/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1548467134&sr=8-5&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=sma+patch+antennas


Directional, so it’s nice for long range.
Not circularly polarized though, so not really ideal.

I’d pass on it.


Thanks for the opinion, Ill probably not but it.