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Best 1s banggood battery?


Hi guys

For some reason, Banggood is now able to ship batteries to me in New Zealand. Can someone please recommend what the best 1s 250mah option is? I currently have a E011 based whoop and some 0603 brushless whoops (snapper7, beebee66, HB64). Both of the below have been recommended:

I have the 30c version of the second option which work pretty well at present.



I use the second option, no complaints here.

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I also have a set of the second option, but what I noticed isn’t that the same manufacturer of the larger (3S &4S) GNB batteries that do very well and are a good price?
Nice find.

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Cheers man. Will order some before BG decide they don’t want to send me batteries again.


THe Gaoneng (GNB) batteries are really well regarded in the 2s and 3s space for micro brushless.


Looks like those two sets of batteries have different connectors. Make sure you have the right plugs for the one you order.

The first set appears to use the Micro JST 1.25 connector - the older-style whoop connector.

The second one has the bigger JST PH-2.0 connector that the E011 (and others) use - also called the Power Whoop connector.

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Dead right. Good spotting


I ordered some battery this morning, banggood accepted my order. But now they are not accept any new order on battery. I think there was a bug and they fixed it, my order might be cancelled soon :disappointed:


Make hay while the sun is shining!!


i used boldclash batteries they are pretty good


I only have 1 gnb battery it’s a 2s 80c 550mah When I fly hard with that pack it comes down so hot the battery is malleable 1 minute after unplugging. I have a set of the second, option I recommend 45c rated batts. You will notice a huge difference in power