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Before I dump the lot .. anyone can help


I know this has been answered and I searched nd found so many different answers … guys I’m not new to fpv but new to the tiny world and prefer it over my big mavic etc …

ok so

what I have

fatshark goggles HD3s
menace dipole antenna / menace pico patch and furious fpv diversity …
whoops ur 65 / uruav 65 and some others
xlite controller and other bits n pieces

please guys this is really killing me … when I try go fpv it takes me about 5 minutes of resetting and turning off and on the goggles to get a signal / sometimes I can get down the stairs to the kitchen and back other times it leaves my room and goes instant black and bang hits a wall…

if I touch the aerial while I have the whoop plugged in it loses signal / … love this hobby more then I should as I spend so much time trouble shooting the problem instead of flying and enjoying it … I also feel brushless are getting worse and brushed are the way to go as even been told that the pigtail of the whoops take about 30 uses and need changing … even though I have the ph2.0 connectors … understand all beta flight in terms of what to do and can set up the quad easy enough that’s not the issue its loss of signal

completely understand this could be a million things but just a push in the right direction would be appreciated … as I do not want to say crap and find a new hobby as annoying the wife also is pure bliss …

thanks all and great great little forum well done on creating it


sounds like a bad reciver module, or bad vtx, you could try changing the reciver module or just check it make sure it’s seated right.


I certainly don’t trust it anyhow. Thanks for the reply.

Looking at a few new ones. Any idea from a users point what works as it should . Thanks again


well right now I just have a stock dom v3 reciver that did ok and the upgraded oled one and they both work fine, saving up for a diversity reciver, if you have the stock one or any other reciver to plug in and test with should help narrow down your problem, does it happen with all your quads or just one? also kinda stupid but make sure you’re on the right channels I’ve had issues there as well but I couldn’t see my vtx lights lol


dude im runing these

any quad / micro I seem too use gets me a signal but only after a lot of troubleshooting etc and scanning for channels… these go with the fatsharks hd3s… tell me if you have a clear view and you then touch the antenna of your sharks etc / patch / pagoda etc do you lose signal I do instantly … I think there’s a loose connection somewhere maybe … I haven’t the tools to do any more updates to this , looking into something new … and going brushed as brushless is a nightmare if you ask me too much power and pid running prefer to just plug n fly … looking over posts here lots speaking about the ldarc tiny 6x you any thoughts? hey thanks again for reply also


no problem yeah I’d suspect your reciver, sorry I don’t have anything similar to check with


no worries what you flying anyhow … whoops only or ? … you know the real tiny whoops Jesse Perkins ones are they really that good as there kind of expensive to what you could buy for that money they charge … about to pull the trigger on another whoop or something and looking for ideas


I’ve got serval original whoops, moded inductrix, some beta fpv boards, aliens, blade torrent 110 and the new inductix Bl fpv.


I do polarise about all the questions and appreciate the answers thanks … so if you were to say to me as you seem to completely know your stuff … I say hey im looking for a new indoor whoop for just flying around the house … nothing mental fast or needs pid tuning or whatever binds in to frsky radio puts on the sharks and away I go nice 2 min plus flight times and smooth … { lot to answer there lol } thanks money isn’t the object


so far looking like the new zero projet shows promise and add far as easy out the box inductix fpv is always nice but not the protocols you use, sorry again I only have spektrum recivers. … for now


Hello there !

Well, I have a kind of similar problem with a receiver + screen. From time to time, the beginning is hard, like a bad contact on a connector or antenna. But when I start to see a good signal on screen, it will stay good for all the day, whatever I move again and again the antenna or connector… Are your experiencing the same or do you struggle at each new batt ?

About whooping in the house : I really enjoy E011 (old fc) and BWhoop 03 flashed with Notfastenuf silverware, even if I’m thinking of moving to brushless for better durability of motors…


ah dude that’s almost the exact issues I face to … see drives me bananas … looking forward to a little flight n then all hell breaks loose and you burn out batteries just troubleshooting the issue … thanks for the reply … im going to brushed lol /… I actually had one from bang good called a m80 eachine and I swear I hopped it off walls . dropped from top windows . dog used to chase it chew it and run off with it when he caught it and it still flew and still do … the batteries I got with it are amazing and still out perform most brushless stuff , I’ve got bags of props n cables n things and still never enough … if any help I have the 65 us uruav 65 baby hawk r mambo husband x4 few others also … 70% im going back to brushed soon as no messing around with pids and rates etc … im well able to but just finding the right tunes can take away the fun … thanks for reply were going to have to work on this together and try and take on the world lol


I’ve been running my brushless 1s on stock pids and it’s running great. For brushed the zero board and and the NFE boss frames seem great. Building a boss soon but the zero doesn’t mess around. It’s really nice.


I’m usually way to lazy to tune so I just stick my kwads on stock pids and I love em. The betafpv boards are great as well.


I persevered with the FuriousFpv TrueD D v1 just like yours. Mostly the signal would be good but it had a habit of breaking up when I needed it most. I repair electronics so can handle troubleshooting stuff yet I couldn’t find any definite faults in the module.
I bought a new eachine pro58 module and flashed the Achileas firmware all for around £35 and the difference is amazing! Clear video, strong signal, good penetration and properly working diversity.
My old true D module is basically retired due to being too old and unreliable.
Buy a new module and you’ll not regret it, being able to see with confidence makes fpv fun again.


think mine running 3.2 or something at this stage but yeah I think this is the only option I have , thanks for the input much appreciated


Can you take an extremely clear and extremely close up picture of where your transmitting antenna attaches to the vtx?

Also your transmit antenna element if it’s a cloverleaf.

It is quite possible you have a break in a solder joint.

Finally have you confirmed that your receiving antennas are the correct rp-sma vs sma to mate up to your receiver module? This is easily overlooked.

Just in case, are you sure you’re on a matching band and channel?


At work at the min going to take a lot of photos later and post them here , thanks a mil … Nice seeing you on the live stream yesterday … I watched it from you tube