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Been gone for a couple of years--what'd I miss? Also, old batteries


After sticking an FPV camera on my Inductrix a few years ago, I dove headlong into the micro-FPV world. Well, I dove, but I didn’t hit the water, I guess. (Does that metaphor work?) I bought a ton of 6mm and then 7mm motors, tons of spare batteries and a Hitec charger, and a series of E010, H8 mini, and E011 quads from Banggood and elsewhere. Oh, and I built a couple of 8mm quads with that first edition Scisky board, a QX80 and a Q100. I also picked up a lot of used mini-brushless stuff, including a Swirlie and an 88mm frame and some old F3 boards, and some 1103 motors.

And then I got busy, moved to a new house, and basically everything has been gathering dust. This weekend I cracked everything open again, and realized that I had a number of half-built quads and old batteries. I got my E011 with a first-gen silverware flashed onto it going, and my E010, but they only stayed in the air for less than an minute before pooping out. (I did NOT make sure to set the batteries to storage voltage, sadly.) I fought with my old Scisky quads a bit, and lamented that my Hitec seems to have broken all my Inductrix batteries. I also did a familiar fight with trying to get my QX80 set up on Cleanflight.

So, my question is: what should I do at this point with my pile of questionable batteries and 2-3-year old micromotor tech? I had thought things were headed toward brushless, but the continual silverware upgrades seem amazing. Should I just ditch all my old stuff and start over? The fact that you can get something older like the Q100 for $25 on Amazon now with camera an F3 brushed controller is amazing to me, but I don’t need more half-functional quads. Are the new micros a big improvement?

I mean, I still have a Beecore 2.0, three or four E011 boards, and access to a good 3D printer. Is the newest silverwhoop the best option for me? I will mostly be flying inside, but there is a park and playground across the street.

Anything else I missed? (Turtle mode? New Beta/Cleanflight upgrades?)

Thanks for any and all advice.



E011 still flies pretty great on latest Silverware with fresh batteries. I’d get some fresh packs, maybe a new charger if you suspect yours is bad, and flash stuff to latest firmwares and go from there :slight_smile:

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Yes I’d flash the e011 with latest NFE and use that for your brushed motors. *Maybe get some new batteries. Funnily, the ‘toothpick’ is the latest hype right now which is basically 1103 with 65mm props on an X frame, just like 2-3 years ago (LOL) the biggest change is now we have the crazybee FC (whoop sized brushless all in one board) which makes it lighter.

*It is possible to replace the connectors of the batteries if the hi tec has damaged them, but if you didn’t store then at proper voltage for years yeah they are probably toast.

Other notable innovations over the last years:
Turtle mode (brushless only)
Runcam split / caddx turtle (fpv + HD in one)
Jumper t8sg v2 / T12 multiprotocol radio
Alienwhoop zer0 (improved e011 which comes flashed with NFE Silverware, made silverware popular but people still don’t know how to flash)
Brushless whoops are now a thing, 1s / 2s power whoops, even official tiny whoop sells them now. We even have seen 3s and 4s ‘whoops’ now which aren’t actually whoops lol
And now people are removing the ducts and we are back to 2s brushless micro again :joy:



Thank you for this! If I’ve flashed silverware onto E011 boards before, and have some fast 7mm motors, it sounds like I don’t need to pay for the Alienwhoop or the crazybee–just use an old E011 frame or print the latest “boss series” frame and go?

I’ll probably still build out my 2S brushless thing, for park flying. I’ve not actually flown 07xx before–how loud are they compared to brushed?

What’s the standard for lightweight fpv cameras for whoops now, if I don’t need the fancy HD recording? Although I can’t believe they can do that without much more weight…



Fancy HD recording is still relatively heavy. If you can afford the weight you try to use a “proper” micro camera, but there are probably relatively recent AIO cameras. My current favorite camera is an FXT T80 (~4g) which is most probably too heavy for a 1S whoop. All current “2S-3S cinewhoops” are way too heavy IMHO.

General consensus seems to be 10000-11000KV motors on 2-3S for tiny brushless machines with props in the 38-41mm range (15XX / 16XX props). Which matches what I experienced with my experimental builds from almost a year ago.

Additionally, I think there’s currently one brushed quad in the works which might support turtle mode.

Major changes: New props, some 16x16 brushless hardware (FCs, ESCs, some AIO boards) and proper tiny VTXs (e.g. TBS Unify Pro Nano) and RXs (e.g. FrSky RXSR) and everyone is now using XT30s for 2S brushless which I started using years before the hype because it’s just so much better.



Blade Inductrix FPV Plus supports turtle mode (or meow mode as they call it). So does the new Tiny Whoop Nano. Both brushed.