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Beefs Brushed Board Brown Out?


After about a year of off and on trying to get my BBB In the air and figuring out how to work clean flight I finally flashed, bined, and got it in the air. So I decided to go to the park and get a couple packs in. It was nice and sunny with a little dew on the grass. After a couple crashes it started acting funny. It would fly for about 15 to 20 seconds and then it would just lose power and fall to the ground.

First I thought it was because my batteries were dead, came home recharged still falls out the sky. Second I thought it might because of my soldering with my receiver or battery lead, so re soldered still acting up. Then I thought maybe some how the dew from the grass shorted something and that’s why it browning out?

Anyone have any ideas or solutions?


I’m sure the board has dried by now… Usually once the board dries completely it will start working back to normal again (there have been many cases of brushed FCs getting wet or flat out soaked and after drying completely they work just fine again, however YMMV.) If you fly wet conditions a lot you may want to consider some water proofing techniques using a thin layer of silicon adhesive to “waterproof” electronics. Even then this method may not be 100% perfectly waterproofed, but still helps more than no waterproofing at all! :slight_smile: )

Could you post a picture of the flight board in its current state?
When it drops out and loses power, does the power ever restore, or is it just completely dead on the ground?
When wiggling the power cords after it shuts down, does the power come back on, even momentarily?
How many different batteries do you have to test with, and what type of batteries are you using?
Are batteries fresh in the TX?

It is good that you tried to re solder the power leads and RX, it unfortunate that didn’t cure the issue…

Whenever you have the time, you should try to test it again…

I would fully charge up all batteries before test, and do test a flight. If it drops out of the sky again, check to see if it is fully shut off. If it is, wiggle the power cables to see if you see lights come back on (could be a bad/loose JST or micro JST connector that is losing contact?)

If wiggling around the wire doesn’t signal any issues, I wold try and test flight with a different battery. If the same thing happens again, then I would try to once again, re solder the power leads, using a LOT of flux to help the solder flow to form healthy joints. (if you don’t have flux paste, or a flux pen, I strongly suggest getting one, as a strong solder joint from battery to FC is crucial for maximum performance, and preventing brownouts…)

After re soldering the power leads AGAIN, I would do another test flight. If it still drops out of the sky, then to be honest I dont know where to go from there…but definitely let us know if its still happening or if it has been resolved. I’m sure someone may have a better solution!


after looking at another thread with a kind of similar issue, I would also check to see if the battery voltage monitoring is set up on your FC through betaflight (would be in the configuration tab i believe) , maybe your voltage monitoring isn’t synced up properly and is causing the FC to think the battery is dead?.. (This one is a long shot though…)


It’s not the power I think it’s more of an lvc issue. Because it stays on when it falls but I will always have to re arm. I’ve also tried new fully charged batteries. When I wiggle the power leads it doesn’t lose power.

The soldering kind of sucks but it looked alright in the dark when I did it.:laughing:

I’m running clean flight and flashed it with ALIEN F1 firmware. Does clean flight has battery voltage monitoring to? Should I switch to beta flight?

Also might have been one of my motors because the bottom cap came off and it was kind of burnt looking and smelling. That’s where I thought the water could short it or maybe just a bad motor?

When I get back home I’ll check on the battery voltage monitoring. Also need to order a new set of motors to test it.:pensive:


My Beef’s board was (one flight work went without a hitch…fingers crossed!!) dropping out of the sky but after redoing all of my solder joints with better quality solder it appears to be working fine now. I’m hoping to get some more packs in tomorrow and will update. I also heat shrinked my receiver in hopes of isolating it from any external noise.

Not sure if I was having brown out issues, LVC or just losing connection but it was having issues that my AlienFlight Classic did not exhibit. Getting some good tuning experience regardless though, fun stuff!

Betaflight on my end, keep at it man hopefully a new motor will help!


@iamkaioken glad to hear that, keep us updated.

What firmware you flashed it with on betaflight?

I’m going to try to re-solder it again with lots of flux in a well lit room so I can see what I am actually doing, with out rushing. Then hopefully all goes well.


Well…slightly better. Some flights were without issue for an entire battery, while others still had some random connectivity loss. Though significantly better than my last outing. I’m not particularly sure with my little experience as to what may be causing the issue so I’ll continue trying things out.

As for firmware, I actually also just updated to 3.1.7 today before heading out. I like to make my life complicated on some things (single variable? whaaaa?)…just the way I roll. I’m going to have to do some more adjusting and tuning as I made some last minute changes and need to adjust more. Plus I want to give anti_gravity a go, I think it’ll give me a little bit of improvement on punch outs.

My original solder joints were with some old radio shack soldering iron kit solder…finally used it up and went with some 60/40 solder…lord does it flow better! I must say, if anything this hobby has really got me to enjoy the art of soldering. Just glorious when they’re all perfect…something I’m working on. Also some other things to do while I’m tinkering…Arduino and other things. I really need to stop picking up new hobbies since I don’t have enough time. Haha.

I’ll report back if any adjustments improve or worsen to help you out as best I can.


In reading @quadlifepro’s post, it got me thinking about my different batteries. I had some modified ones and perhaps those were the ones dropping out…would explain something. Next time I’ll keep that in mind and make a note. Thanks for shedding some light for me at least!


Just noticed something that I missed in a previous BBB thread:

I’m going to give this a go as it may completely solve my issue and potentially yours!


Problem fixed! It was one of the motors that was causing it to brown out.

Originally I thought it was a short due to crashing it in some wet grass. But it was when the end cap from one of the motors pop off for no reason a couple days after the crash, I put it all together.

I use to wonder why drilling your props and making sure it fits all the way to the can of the motor was so important. Now I realize you do that so when you crash it doesn’t push the shaft into the end cap causing it to pop out.

Long story short didn’t drill props, crashed, popped out the end cap causing to brown out. Ordered new motors, soldered new motors, happy camper!:grin: