BeeCore v2 OSD questions

Hi everyone. I know I post on this way too much, but I really like how helpful people are.

Anyway, does anyone know if I need to solder a video in and a video out cable to get the OSD on my camera from the BeeCore v2?
I have already setup the BetaFlight with the OSD, and I haven’t had the time to solder it. I just know that my E010s didn’t have the OSD when I used BetaFlight to put it on so… yeah.

I know this is a pretty useless thread, but I really like getting the attention and help since I’m a noobie with Tiny Whoops (although I do know quite a lot I still have trouble fixing camera issues.

Thanks to anyone who can help

Yep, you do.
Yellow wire on cam is usually video out, goes to video in on bcore2. The other wire gets connected to video out.
The schematic is on the product page at banggood.

Yes you will have to solder, if you camera has 4 wires then, vin (video in) comes from your camera and vout (video out) is soldered to your vtx.

If you are using the stock e010s camera then you will have to do some modifications, very tiny so be careful.
Here is a video to help you out (instructions for camera are at 9min 56sec)

Hope that helps

Alright. I ordered a new camera with a video in and video out…

Now I need to know which is vin and which it vout.

This is my camera that I ordered


You should have a white and yellow wire. The yellow would be video out or should be and the white video in.

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