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BeeCore v2.0 Arming


Hi all!

Since this is a really helpful and kind community I wanted to know if I’m doing anything wrong.

Anyway, I was putting together my tiny whoop, when I realized I had the motors reversed… I then tried to arm the quad and it would not arm. The blue light just started to flash, and no other light flashed.

Is this a problem with the motors? Should I try to remind it?
I’ll put a picture at the bottom of the quad

Thanks to all that can help


In your pictures the motors are wrong, looking from the top, front right is black/white for standard Betaflight defaults.
Arming requires a motionless, level quad with throttle below a value called min_check and not plugged into Betaflight.


Oh I might’ve mixed up the min_check then. Do you know what it is for the BeeCore?


Ive got mine at 1100…


ok, what is your max_chec


set max_check = 1900


The important thing is to make sure your throttle low value in receiver tab is below the min_check value, max_check is not important really and can be left as is. You might need to adjust travel in your tx to get low throttle at or near 1000. Min_check is essentially a deadband between low throttle and throttle channel input. So if throttle is at 1000 and min_check is 1100, the default, then nothing will happen as you raise throttle until you reach 1100.


I’ve always wondered why they have the throttle and min_check. I just thought the min_check was so that the throttle didn’t make the drone fly super high


thanks guys. it wasn’t anything you guys said - it was the small_angle thing.



I mentioned motionless and level in my first reply to you, small_angle default is correct for normal orientation. Do you have your fc mounted unusually? I set my small_angle to 180 so I can arm at any angle, useful for arming after getting stuck in a tree in order to try to get the quad down.


oh yeah, you did. sorry for not noticing that