BeeCore OMNIBUS F3 V1 Flight Controller Built-in OSD Integrated 5A Blheli_S



New all in one FC/ESC I found on BG. I’m considering ordering one just to play with. I have the remains of a JumperX68 (bad ESC) so basically I have the frame and a set of 0703 15000KV motors so I was considering replacing the FC/ESC on the jumper with this. Seems like a pretty solid combo, 5A ESC with Dshot600 and an F3 FC seems pretty excellent.

Thoughts on what frame and motors would go well with it for a scratch build?


I would probably try out the beta75 Pro if you are looking to go whoop ducts:

Their brushed frames are super strong. I haven’t been able to find a single review of their brushless online yet. At $4 for the frame, can’t hurt to try.

You could also head on over to @NotFastEnuf 's thread where he is doing some great work on a very light 3d printed frame: