Beecore Lite Silverware FC

Thank you all for the patience… I’ll get working on the new build as soon as i have some free time.

hi, assalamu’alaikum. I want to ask, a few days ago I bought a beecore lite because my h8 was broken, I didn’t want bindings. then I installed the h8 motorbike to the beecore lite and used the original h8 battery. Even drones don’t fly more than 2cm from the ground. I also checked with a multi tester. when the propeller is not installed, the voltage released is normal, but when the propeller is installed, the voltage drops drastically, what is the problem? battery? or board?

Check your power cable.

Well I have a problem. I tried to flash the NFE firmware with my custom rates on this board. After flashing the firmware it blinks 4 times, which indicates my gyro is dead right? But that is nearly impossible because I flew it minutes ago with stock firmware. Any suggestions on what to change in the files to get this running?

That indicates gyro not found, which board did you choose/define?

i choose the bwhoop. should work right?

Can buz+ and buz- pads work for buzzers?

@BeatMe, to be honest I have not had my hands on one of these boards so I don’t know the target for sure. Did you ever sort it out?

BWHOOP is the correct target for this board. Sorry, I’ve never seen the four flashes before. Did you try erasing and flashing again? Did you try putting the stock firmware back on it?

Unfortunatly not. When I flash a stock firmware from the bwhoop it goes into autobinding I think (fast blinking) but I cant bind it to the multimodule and the Stock E011 TX which worked previously

4 flashes is gyro not found. That board does have pins labeled as programming pins which actually tie into the gyro. Maybe if you soldered to those pins at some point before finding the flashing pads something is bridged. If you are getting a 4 flash, it is not going to boot far enough into the firmware to bind. Also, my default flash has telemetry enabled which is no longer going to work with the stock toy tx. There are changes you need to make in the code for the toy tx to work. Take some pictures of your programming pins (not pads)… I bet that’s where the 4 blink problem is coming from.

I dont think this Picture will help much but I double checked everything and cant find the mistake. At least I dont think there is one

Dear friends, I am new here because you discuss topic that is very important to me. I tried BetaFPV lite and Beecore lite FCs. BetaFPV flies fine. I have a problem with all Beecore lite FCs (about 6 from different shops).

  • take off
  • make one turn by yaw and note the time
  • continue flying about 15 sec
  • make one turn by noted before the time
  • you can find that rotation speed became lower
  • continue flying about 30 sec
  • make one turn by noted before the time
  • rotation speed became extriemely lower

So all rates become lower during the flight. But you can reset them. You just land, wait about 5 sec and take off. It is valid for all Beecore lite that I had on hands - with different motors and frames. I coldn’t fix it by filters.

I am really going to reverce schematic of both FCs and find the difference. I found only one extra power supply on Beecore Lite FC especially for Bayang receiver. There are no more differences I cold find yet.

May be you kbow the solution.

Interesting. I observed something similar, using NFEs Silverware branch. See here:

Just got one of these beecore FCs and immediately flashed with NFE’s branch. Noticing the same slow yaw rates in angle mode after a few seconds. I wonder if it’s voltage related because as @SergeyA says, it does seem to reset after landing and waiting . Did anyone figure out the problem with these boards?

Did some more flights in acro mode and it handles great. Not sure how much better than my e011 yet.

*edit - tried turning off the following and the problem is much improved although there is a bit of slow down still after a short bit of flying. can someone else with the problem test this out? @SirDomsen @SergeyA
//#define YAW_FIX

*edit2 - must’ve been something else. i turned those back on and it’s not as bad as it was at first, so no clue what the cause for improvement has been. weird fc :stuck_out_tongue:

I just avoid Levelmode :stuck_out_tongue:

Was anyone able to determin what was causing the beecore lite to basically quit yawing?

Investigation of a similar problem with the Newbeedrone Hummingbird fc led to a cure of sorts. The gyro needs to run a lot slower than NFEs code, probably due to hardware design flaws. Line 207 in defines.h
Change from 0 to 3


Hello Yaw

How can I had barometer to the beecore FC lite? Or gps? What pins do I have to use?
So tiny and cheap board, wouldn’t mine tinkering with a few.