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Beecore Lite Silverware FC


Looks like BG wants in on the action too:

It’s pretty expensive, though.

The pictures look like a pre-release version. But I can’t see any programming pads, which is kinda weird.

Wow, they just copy n pasted the description of the BetaFPV Lite FC and changed the specs where they didn’t match :joy:





No connector or pads for flashing :face_with_raised_eyebrow: wtf
Also 12A fets? What a strange thing.


Yeah :joy: 12A Fets, wanna see the board taking 12A*4 :sweat_smile:

Guess it’s a typo. Too bad i can’t read the marking on the fets…


I bet they actually are 12a MOSFETs, and I see some pads that are almost certainly for programming. Expensive though! Also very unpolished.

The myrcmart one looks interesting though!


I’m not so sure on 12A - this kind of overkill would otherwise be expressed as 200C on a 250 battery or 170 Watts peak power to the board. And why expand the costs?

But i’m totally in on the myrcmart one - neat 'n handy!:yum:


It’s less that the motors will make use of the 12(like you said, that’s not going to happen!) as that to get to that 12a rating they have to have a very low RDS(on), which is the internal resistance of the MOSFET. Lower resistance means less voltage drop, which means more voltage for the motor.

Big enough difference to notice? Hard to say, but it totally could be.


Is there any possibilities of using flysky receiver with any silverware fc?


Here : http://sirdomsen.diskstation.me/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=sbus


I tried both the Beecore lite V 1.0 flight card and the betaFPV lite V 1.0 flight card. Between the two, as parameters and factory settings, I prefer Beecore Lite. The FC Beecore, is more stable and without setting anything fits better to the receiver with Bayang protocol and maintains all the original commands.


Sorry, not sure of links policy here, hope it’s ok

A cheaper beecore Lite board here

A coupon which probably wont work:

I have one in the mail, but never used this site before, etc


I’ve used them without issue in the past. Can’t wait to hear your update on the board when it arrives!! :smile:


Me and a buddy received ours for free trial from xt-xinte linked above. Came with a PH 2.0 connector and nice silicone rubber mounting. Looks well made, very thin (thus light) pcb

We will now try to flash them to the NFE fork and see how it does then.

Running stock silverware with gnarly-fpv 716’s is giving oscilations on an e011 with three bladed kingkongs. On a Boss 7mm stock tune flew ’ LIKE A BOSS’ on hm830’s


Well, we are both unable to connect to the fc. Maybe they mislabeled the pins they broke out. Will see if I can trace the pins to the mcu lin th next days.


Have you tried swapping the clk and dat?


try connecting before calibration finishes, maybe they enabled one of the options which disables the port. you can shake the fc to prolong calibration


Yep, swapped but no luck. 3.3v and gnd do power up the board, so at least those are fine :grinning:


Good one! Will give that a try when I am home again.


Good question!
I too, have one of these FCs and though I haven’t gotten around to using it yet, I’m curious to know if there are any issues or workarounds needed like having to reversed the pads on the E011 in order to flash it?


Took the board and the stlink to the office and during a break I gave it a try to immediately try to flash or connect after powering up and keep the imu moving.

Still no luck… Unfortunately I do not have any probes to test if the broken out pads are going to the correct MCU pin. Hopefully someone else can assist verifying that