Beecore, Insane powered Superwhoop

Lol not yet, It’d just be a blur in my house, really needs some space to show off properly. I’ll do some as soon as weather allows.

Can’t wait to see some footage!

Hot damn, @Chaotix! That looks like a seriously racy Whoop!

Love the split-level cam and vTX. Haven’t seen that layout before. You must be one of the first to have (factory made) JST-PH2 LiPo and pigtail, too. :sunglasses:

Awesome build @Chaotix!
Can the antenna mod be done to any AIO camera? I would love to move the cloverleaf to the rear or like you, replace it with a dipole. I’m just not sure if I have to be aware of specific lengths of wire…:confused:

Eventually, I will make this model - I can’t wait to see the footage


So these arrived today

I’m still working on the tune but it’s getting there. These new HVs are absolutely perfect for the insane motors, I don’t think this whoop can get more extreme. It’s seriously testing my flying skills indoors but so much fun. Rain stopped flying outside after 1 short flight, I lost connection and it fell, could be the cold but I’m not sure. Inside its behaving but I’ll need to check the range on this DSM2 board.
May have to shoot some dvr indoors for now, might cause sickness and disorientation in viewers!


One thing I’ve noticed about this Beecore fc is the channel travel in Betaflight receiver tab seems off centre. For example I can get from 890 to 1879 on throttle, the other channels are roughly the same, like the scale is wrong.
I’m used to setting endpoints and subtrim in my Devo, usually only needing a few clicks either way to get things spot on, so I tried to fix it on the Devo. I’d copied my tiny F3 evo model over as a starting point for the Beecore with endpoints set to 147 - and + which is generally what the Devo needs. I found I could have an effect on the lower number, up and down but nothing changed the upper limit.
So, for the first time ever I’ve had to use the rxrange setting in cli, I adjusted the upper one to match my Devo and left the lower as I can set it on the tx. Had to use a bit of subtrim to get the range to be 1500 centred.
I’ve not seen an rx be so far off before and I’ve only ever seen rxrange used where the range is equally off at either end.

Test flights all successful and handling seems improved, I can flip equally both ways now!

Does anyone with more knowledge in this bit of RC have any opinions?

I had the exact same problem in my latest build, with a DSM2 PPM micro receiver from banggood. Even the range of values I got was the same as yours, which make me think maybe the BeeCore uses those receivers?
I used rxrange as well, however I didn’t change anything on my devo beforehand, because this would off-set the center of the range, after the rxrange command. So I just left the devo setting default - then used rxrange. The result was nice with the center more or less at 1500. Not the perfect solution for sure but I didn’t find any other :frowning:

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Cheers for the input, sure sounds like the same receiver to me. at least it’s fixable.
like I said it’s the first time I’ve had to use rxrange so maybe I should do the same as you and make all the adjustments in cli then. I thought that I had my centres centred as iI checked the model image in pid tab and everything behaved as I expected. Another first for me was dsm2 on ppm, I thought it was serial, something new every day :wink:

Was that the rx you used in the p-nut build?

Yes exactly, that’s the one. I wouldn’t use it anymore though, since there is a new receiver on banggood:
which says “DSM Output” so I suppose it’s serial, like in SciSky. The difference between PPM and serial maybe isn’t that much visible during fpv flying, but I can definitely tell there is more lag when looking in the configurator, or flying LOS indoors. AND there is the issue with this strange value range which we got with those PPM receivers.
Anyways, its good we did find a solution. Or maybe more of a workaround :smiley: ?

Will that charger do HV? Thought it only charged to 4.2v

I have the same one so just wondering.

You can update/flash firmware to make it LiHV capable.


PPM suuuucks.

I think I am finding this out. Time to do more reading up on all this.
Got a brand new taranis sitting here with nothing to fly so need some rx advice.

@Chaotix, get the 4-in-1 module asap, I’ve successfully used it to fly my stock Inductrix boards, the BeeBrain, the Beecore, a couple Scisky quads, and an old Hubsan. Put a solder bridge across a couple of pads on the thing and it can all be handled via the OpenTX software. I drilled a hole thru the top of the Taranis and into the module compartment so that I can have the extra antenna mounted beside the original instead of hanging awkwardly off the flimsy module cover where it just gets in the way.

On the receiver front, I snagged the last one of these, which I’ll probably try out this weekend:

I’ve also ordered a pair of these, due on Friday:

And I ordered an OverSky FrSky SciSky (lol… say that out loud) with the rx module, also due Friday (along with my Walark):

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Cheers @ScottAllyn your going to have a fun weekend!
I’ve got the 4in1 on the way and a couple of c400 sbus, cppm frisky rx from gearbest. I added a printed module housing with antenna mount on top which looks like it could work OK, we’ll see. Did you need to flash anything to get the module working with the newest protocols?

@Chaotix, yea - I had to get a multi-module specific build of OpenTX. I had the latest OpenTX, but it apparently doesn’t have built-in support.

There’s a warning on that page related to needing a specific firmware on the module for DSM2/DSMX support with the builds starting in October, so I just picked the last September build (opentx219-5e74db9-multi-2016-09-16-taranis.bin) until I can verify what’s actually on the module.

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Cheers mate, I suspected that. More reading up :smiley:

Just back from work and my multimodule is here! That’s got to be the fastest I’ve ever got something from Banggood. I’m in for an amusing evening :smiling_imp:

Where’s the flight vid dude? :smiley: I wanna see it!

Really appreciate the link @chrisdo I happened to have the v2 with the usb port so updating the firmware took 2 mins. Looking forward to LiHV option!