BeeCore F3 EVO on 225mm frame with geared motors...unstable, please advise


Update: This has been massively fun to fly as a break from my 3DR X4 DIY. It is great to loosen up with, and just fly without worrying that every smash-up will cost money. These things are incredibly crash forgiving. I am wondering what the possibilities are for a motor upgrade? I definitely want to stay with brushed motors. I suspect that I would need new mounts. What about gears?


Hells bells. It was flying great until I upgraded to version 2.03 of CleanFlight and now I am back at spinning quad of death. Here are screenshots of the Config and the PID screen.
Here’s config,

…and here’s PID,
The quadcopter spins uncontrollably around the yaw axis. Firmware flashed to the aircraft is SPRACINGF3EVO 2.0.3 Jun 20 2017. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


The spinning of Doom is typically when the props aren’t going the direction the FC thinks they are.
Motor_yaw_direction is the config parameter, use the cli into get what it is currently (1 or -1) and set it to whatever it isn’t.


Thanks Bob. I will check into that and get back.


I dont have any comments. I am interested in your project. I plan to put a similar brushed fc i to a stma x5 body, and also have an 818 foe similar purposes, and will probably replicate or closely emulate your project. The toys like the x5 and 818 are great for all of those times hobby quads are overpowered or dangerous. This comment is just to say hello, i will be having my first programmable fc experience with my x5 frame and when the fc arrives in the mail. Looks not simple, and also like these kind of setups are harder than other more standard options, like a 250 brushless quad.


No luck on that Bob. I changed yaw_control_reversed from NO to YES and had no luck. I’ve confirmed that motors are spinning in the proper direction. This is curious as it seems that everything is configured properly. Controls on the transmitter show appropriate movement in the Cleanflight simulator and I have tried PIDs that worked in a version 1.x Cleanflight setup. I have noticed that there is a “GYRO update frequency” as well as a PID loop frequency that were not present in the earlier version of Cleanflight. It does seem that this could be a gyro feedback issue as it seems that the craft wants to lift, but as soon as movement occurs it seems that things get over compensated for. Or perhaps I just have a bad board. Thanks for the suggestion Bob.


Got it.
Roll offset = -180, Yaw = 315. In the previous version of CF I’d used Yaw = -315. I believe that I may have switched the plugs for motors 1 and 4 in the old CF, and here used stock assignments.
Happy to provide added detail if anyone is interested.
Flies great.