BBB Micro is absolutely gutless (?)


Hey Guys, Newbie here so I will do my best to answer questions, provide info.

The quad is a 120mm carbon frame with Beef’s Brushed Board and external DSM2 RX using PPM input. Tenergy 380mah battery fully charged. 8.5mm silver motors (not dark edition) which I believe came from MMW (my friend used to work there).

BF 3.1.7 Airmode and Arm on Aux1 (I am NOOB), PWM Frequency 12000Khz, Tried 70% Throttle Expo this morning. Receiver gets 1090 to 1880 in BF reliably.

The quad arms and flies predictably on default PID but I cannot gain elevation unless I keep it dead level. It acts like there is a rock tied to it when I expected to be bouncing off the ceiling. Again it flies smooth, and predicable, just NO GUTS, at all. The first props I had were from a JJRC1100 ( I am using hand-me-downs forgive me), I swapped to a different style with more angle and a slightly smaller length and issue worsened. It is slower than my E011 with a camera on it…

Again I am new so I’m having trouble pin pointing a cause on this one and have searched pretty extensively to no avail. Let me know what you guys are thinking here and I can post up pictures, files, whatever you need. I have a set of dark motors but would really like to avoid soldering on all the connectors as I’m not convinced is HW related… anyways cheers and thanks for the insight!!


56g with the 380mah battery so I don’t think weight is an issue. A friend suggested the JJRC Props are similar to Parrot which are supposed to be quite nice. Ill see what she does with a 650mah battery today and report back


What battery plug you have on there? Posting a picture may help too. I remember when I only had a scisky and a BBB, the scisky v1 did seem to fly faster, it wasn’t a huge difference but I noticed it.


I’d suspect that battery first. Most batteries in that size are not powerful enough to drive hotter 8.5mm motors, incl. the 0820-15s.

Also, who is that friend? AFAIK, there are only two people who worked for us and don’t anymore, and I’d be very surprised if one of those two is handing out motors. Find out what motors that are!


Plug is the LOSI type. Tried a (Tenergy) 600mah battery today with similar results. The motors were picked out of a bundle of randoms from my parts bin so there is a high chance they are shot… I am building on a budget.

I will keep the bigger battery and buy a new set of motors (sigh) and report back. Thanks for the help guys!


Only takes one shot motor to give the whole quad no punch. On sharp throttle increase if it tips towards one motor replace that motor.