Battery Test?

Still flying my standard inductrix, while awaiting part upgrades from Banggood. I am only getting about a minute or so on my Lipo batteries (Crazepony 220mah 3.7 1s). I have been fly them for some time and am sure they are beginning to wearing out. I do have more on order.

My question is - “Is there any way to test a battery’s condition?” Is there a way to tell if it is in a degraded condition? Is there a way to determine how much flight time to expect from a battery? When should I replace a battery? Do those small battery checkers provide any important information on battery condition?

I do have a HiTec 4x charger and the batteries are still charging to 4.2v, so that do not seem to provide me any significant information.

Thanks for the help.


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Hey @jjonz44
I’ve heard elsewhere about checking a battery’s internal resistance. The higher the number the worse the condition. Unfortunately that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I don’t even know if my cheapo multimeter can do that. If you find out more let me know.

You got me on the right road about IR (internal resistance). Read some stuff about building a test bed to put a charge on battery, measuring drop in voltage, blah blah blah… to complicated.
But what I have found out is that it is a good source of battery condition. I saw a spread sheet that someone made showing the IR of all his batteries and their time to LVM. He could glance at that and easily could determine condition. But even better he could determine LVM by IR.

Came across this battery IR checker.

I will look into it farther. I will drop you a note when I find out more.


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Been searching for IR testers. They all seem to be for multi cell batteries.
I found this one, but for JST you have to have adapter and plug it into the NiCad slot.
Not sure if it will read IR or needs to have multiple cell.

Topic not as easy as I thought it would be.


If your battery has those tiny 1.25mm connectors like the original inductrix batteries, you may considering swapping connectors. I can’t find the source right now, but it is known that those connectors degrade quickly and become a source of resistance themselves. Try swapping to see if that gives you better results.

Good point @littlrussian
I didn’t think to ask.
So @jjonz44
Are they micro JST 1.25, or micro JST PH 2.0

am building a new whoop with beebrain FC. (Still waing on parts) It has a 2.0 connector so will use that in the future. Need some new 2.0 batteries also. Seems like I always need something new.

Just ordered a Eachine E55. Like the portability, alt hold, phone control…

Always buying, always looking for something new.