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Battery decision help please!


Hey all. Just a question I have. I recently purchased the King Kong 90gt. I want to get the best proformance out of this little guy and was thinking of buying some extra battery’s. I’d like some suggestions on the best battery to go with on this component drone, like good mAH, C rate and Wh specks .im looking for long flight times, speed And power for punchouts lol Thank you


Do you have any experience with quadcopters or the rc hobby? That’ll help us know what info to give, so you’re not swamped.


I have some experience with these machines. And I’m studying a lot on batteries motors props and hardware. So I will understand anything thrown at me lol.


I am going to be experiencing the beta flight programming soon for the first time also.


In that case, I’d recommend a 2s 350-450mah lipo. The ESCs on the quad are rated for 3A, so I’d be wary of going to 3s. Something like these should do the trick— https://www.racedayquads.com/collections/2s-batteries/products/cnhl-650mah-2s-70c-ministar-7-4v-li-po-battery
They are 650 and 350mah, respectively. You wanted long flight times and punchout, but weight is critical, and too big a battery will limit performance. Use this knowledge how you will.


I’ve used a few of these and been happy:
Gaoneng GNB 7.4V 450mAh 2S 80/160C Lipo Battery White Plug

They’re strangely cheap, maybe because the “microLosi” isn’t really up to 2s. The 90gt uses the balance lead though, so that’s not an issue.
The China Hobby Line options are likely solid too, I’m pretty happy with their 1300mAh 4s packs.

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I’ve used the 500mAh 3s and the 1300 4s packs and love them! Would recommend


Yea but not fr the King Kong 90gt. I think it only goes up to 2s. Somewhere I think I red that a part on this drone can handle 3s but it might be the motors. I was just looking at the aurora 100 brushless and kicked myself because it’s the same price as the KK. But only better. I might buy that one also because it’s a true 3s


Where’s Benedict when ya need him. Lol