Balance charger cord - QX105

Included with my QX105 was two methods of charging. One was a varable amp usb charger for single battery charging and a two battery balance charger cable.

Forgive my newbie ignorance but how would set my Imax B6 (generic) to charge two 1S batteries with this cable?


you must set it up as 2S Lipo instead of 1S in your charger. The amps config depends on the battery mah, 1C mean that you set up your charger at the same mAh that printed on your Lipo. eG setting 300 mAh in your charger for a 300 mAh lipo = 1C, Setting 600 mAH for a 300 mAh lipo means = 2C and so on.
Don´t forget to connect the balancer plug and set it up right for Lipo.

Hope it´s now clearly :wink:

Ps: I recommend only charge Lipos with the same capacity in this way, otherwise charging time expand or the higher capacity lipo will not full load. That differ from charger to charger.

@SinisterLefty, are you sure what you have is a serial charging cable? How does it connect to the charger?
If you are unsure, post a picture and we will be able to give you better advise!

@Benedikt Here it is and all that it is.

hmm looks something different to my serial charger cable.

I miss the seperated power leads and connector, but if it is for parallel ther is no need for the blue lead.
It looks like that it is a Serial charger cable that charge over the balance plug.
Never used those coz most manufacturer like GnB do not recommend that.

In this case i‘m not 100 % sure how to use it. But hopefully @Benedikt can make it clear for us.
By the way thanks @Benedikt for your closer demand.

Yes, agreed. This looks like a serial cable without main connector. Just batteries to balance connector.
None of my chargers would charge that. They would all need the main connector, and the balance connector optional.

I recommend to use a parallel charging cable like this:

and for some details on how to use it, watch the video on this page:

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