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Bad Crash. Is this motor broken?


I had a crash from 5 ft onto pavement. Nothing broke, but after my final two flights I thought one motor sounded funny, so I removed the props and spun them up in Betaflight. This was only my 60th flight…

Does this motor sound broken (last motor in this video)? It didn’t really feel weak in the last two flights after the crash.

FYI I spun up all the motors in the video so you can hear the difference and if any sound weird.


i can’t really tell apart good or bad…

If you are sure, the bearings are good and you suspect electric problems:
Might recommend Joshua Bardwell test method:
(motors should be disconnected from ESC)

  • take healty motor
  • use electric drill to spin
  • take voltmeter and measure the AC voltages, healthy motor inducts while being spun
  • take suspicious motor
  • spin
  • measure exactly in same order as you did before.
    = if results are not further apart like say 10%, suspicious motor shall be fine.
    or see Quadcopter Motor Damaged? How to find out. With a drill.


yikes! sounds pretty bad man… May be able to pop the bell off, maybe realign or replace a bearing or something?..

Me personally, i’d take the easy way out… buys new motor, replaces motor lol :slight_smile: im so lazzzzzy

60 flights is a fair amount of flights before we as humans break something… of course you could go on hundreds of flights more without crashing but I’d say, not bad!


As @quadlifepro says, it doesn’t sound happy. I’d be getting another, always have a spare…

Other than that I would be looking to see if any of the magnets in the bell have come loose and are contacting the outer edge of the stator, the bearing or a bent shaft.


Is it bad to fly the motor till it dies completely, like will it burn up my ESC or something? I do have OSD and I don’t notice anything abnormal yet in the Amps drawn.

Also, do you guys think that I should switch to Emax 1106 6000KV motors for my build?

I’m using GF3020 props and Tattu 3S 450mAH lipos at 105g without battery.


The 6000kv version works great with 3020’s/3S.


It’ll eventually eat it completely and cause a crash. Probably won’t set the ESC on fire in the air though.

60 flights before killing something is pretty good really. I don’t get nearly that on most of my stuff. The last 3d printed top plate made it a long time, probably 30-40 packs.

If you’re in the US and would like to try some TPU softmount+motor guard things I designed/printed PM me your address, I’ll print some more and send you a set.

Killing motors sucks, they’re expensive little things.