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Baby hawk problem


I just got a babyhawk and when I went to test the motors in betaflight this occurs on all 4 motors. They get really hot. (In the vid I was giving full throttle). https://goo.gl/photos/VCu31tRKtBmJM14r9 This occurs when I arm via computer and when I arm without computer. Super dissapointing. I tried upgrading FC firmware, didn’t help :frowning: any solutions? Thanks


OK I figured it out, the PPM min and max throttle on the ESC’s were really messed up. changed them correctly and it works now. Heads up for anyone with this issue.


Can’t wait to see what you can show us with this thing! Glad you got it working correctly!


The motors seem very smooth compared to the other 1104 motors I use… probably because its EMAX :smile: Its as small as a whoop, but the prop guards make it so much bigger/heavier so I’ll remove it :grin:


Can you let me know what values you changed the PPM min and throttle max to?


Happy flying!


Hm. I am not familiar with this screen? Is this betaflight?


This is BLHeli configurator, a chrome app like Betaflight. Instal from the chrome app store. You need the escs powered by lipo as well as plugged in usb to use so PROPS OFF.




What are your motor temps like on 3s? I’m flying 2s right now and because I fly fast forward a lot - my rear motors are getting noticeably hotter than the front ones. I’m strapping my battery as far forward as I can but worried I’m gonna cook the back ones on 3s. It’s not bad motors or anything - I get the same experience on everything I fly… my rear motors always come down hot. I’m just worried they aren’t going to be able to take any more heat.


My motors come down slightly warm on 3S. What batteries are you running? I’ve put in 50+ flights on 3S and the motors still feel brand new. Do you have prop guards installed? They add almost 10g of extra weight, which could be causing your quad to work harder/reduced airflow. But yeah, I’m having a blast on 3S. ESC’s and motors can definitely handle it.


I’m running a 350 2s that weighs 20g. I still have prop guards on cause when I took them off - and used the shorter included motor screws - the screws were long enough to touch the windings and short them out. It sputtered and studdered and was unflyable. My front motors are coming down cool but rear ones are pretty darn hot. If I just hover and fly slow … they will come down cool too … but I don’t ever do that really. Gonna put some tpu soft mounts under them soon and will try again with guards off.


I really push my babyhawk… yeah maybe try removing the guards, they shouldn’t come down too hot. :confused:


Thanks man, are your rear motors staying the same temp as your front ones?


Not sure. I’ll rip a few packs today and check :wink:


Anyone still playing the Babyhawk? My buddy bought one and had loads of issues with it, so he got frustrated and I adopted it. With a few mods and changes, I’ve got it flying pretty well.


I still rip what’s left of mine on the regular. The motors /escs / fc are all original except for moving a signal wire so I could run dshot. But I changed the camera & frame and added a custom canopy. I still rock oe props and only fly It 2s. Nice long flights, nice feel in tight spaces. It’s theasy first thing I break out to explore a new spot before ripping something fast.


Thats pretty cool looking. I’m running the stock setup and changed it to multishot, but haven’t done the dshot mod yet. I flew a few packs the other night and its flying really well. On the last pack, I started getting some random twitching in the roll but it didn’t affect flight really until I crashed into a non movable object. I broke one leg of the camera support and parked it. Of course I recorded a bunch of flights that day, but after the crash I unplugged my goggles before stopping the recording, so I lost the flight footage of the wobble and crash…


Well, I could send you my old camera mount and frame if you want them :wink:

Did you get a good soft mount on your fc?


That would be wonderful… I am going to try the UV glue on it, but I’m sure I’ll break it again… I’m not a great pilot, but I can break things very efficiently and effortlessly.

I pulled the old sticky foam off the bottom and replaced it with the good 3m stuff. I also added 2 foam blocks on the sides to give it more than just the tape on the board for support. It really seemed to work well. I also upped the Roll P a few points and really seemed to make a difference.