AW 2.4 Board questions

I just received my first AW 2.4 in one of the Micro Motor Bazar boxes… I’m looking forward to getting this running, but I have a few questions.

I tried to connect it to CF and I get this firmware version isn’t supported. It connects and brings me to the CLI. I tried typing Version, and nothing happens. BF just times out. I tried to install MultiWii on my PC, but it apparently doesn’t like the Java thats on my PC. Can I install BF on this board or should I try to get MW working? I see a bind jumper, but I don’t see anything for a bootloader and I tried to flash through CF and it wouldn’t flash.

I currently don’t have a receiver connected to it. Is the RX port a ppm, serial? I use Spektrum.

Do I have to connect the battery with usb or no?

What is the 6pin connector for?

BF and CF are not options for that board. Check this thread for helpful set up guide:

Yours is an older version (I am assuming it is not one of the new blue boards), so don’t try and install that sketch that has buzzer in it. You should only have to open up the gui and program your switches. The PIDs should be pretty good already (it was Ben’s!) so just program your switches and fly it. Only thing I had to do was turn up rates for LOS, it should be pretty much plug and play for FPV once you get your switches programmed.

Excellent. Thank you. I’m getting a Java error while trying to run MW. I was getting the same error when trying to get my OSD SW to work. I don’t remember what I did to fix it. I’ve got Win7 x64. I also don’t have a RX hooked up to it yet. Not sure if that makes a difference.

You won’t be able to program the FC until you have an rx, at least you wont’ be able to bind or add your flight modes and arm switch. Lemonrx is the most popular choice for RXs and they are cheap.

Not sure about that Java issue. Post a pic of the error. Are you sure you have the latest version installed? Are you receiving this when trying to open Arduino or Multiwiiconf?

I’ve got a few lemons around, just no spares. Guess its time to reorder :slight_smile: The error I’m getting when trying to start MultiwiiConfig.exe is “Error Calling Shell ExecuteEx ()” I just updated all my Java as I was having trouble a few weeks ago trying to get MWOSD working. I was getting a similar error with that. Do’t exactly remember what I did to fix it. I’ll steal a lemon and plug it in and see if it makes a difference.

Just hooked the lemon up. RX works. Still won’t connect to MW. :rage:

Try using both the win32 and win64. For some reason only the 32 works on my 64 bit machine.

Unfortunately, one of the best ways to fix drivers issues is just to use a different computer :wink:

Could just see if you don’t get lucky and see if you and Ben don’t use the same switches for arming and flight modes.

I need to get it connected. I am able to arm and run the motors. Its taking a head first dive when I give it throttle. I think he uses Taranus and I’ve got Spektrum, so my switches don’t work. I can’t calibrate the gyro with stick commands. I just checked my OSD SW and that still connects, so java is working. The arrow on the bottom should be pointing forward, correct? USB port is in the front.

You sure can :slight_smile:

Just make sure it is unarmed when you do this

I haven’t had your java issue, but I did find this:

Hey @bubbak, The Java error is common on the windows PC although I never had the issue on any of my PC it has to do with the string command that tells the PC where to find the file. If you follow that link @pilsnerpopper has provided that should get the GUI working for you. Then follow normal procedures to set the card up

Also please be aware that FC is pretty finicky about worn batteries and will not tolerate LVC very well. As in they get close to 3.8v with the battery and will brown out causing the card to reset so you need good batteries and time the flight to about 3 1/2 mins.

Last thing is they seem to work best with the older 2.3 or 2.31 versions of multiwii and you want the specific sketch for an AlienWii fc so you do not have to go in and configure the sketch from scratch. It should already have 2.3 on that card but I can provide the link for the 2.31 sketch if you need it.

Thanks @madman1412. I’ll get some time to get the software to work and see whats in it and on the board. Once I get there, I’ll see what sketch I need and let you know. I’m a bit concerned about the LVC since most of my batteries are weak. Getting time to start replacing some…

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